A Kid Website

A Kid Website
A Kid Website

During era of technology such this, a kid website can be alternative option in introducing internet technology to the  children. Early recognition of  internet will accustom children to use internet.

In the beginning children really like internet with the entertainment package provided. Can be entertaining games and fun ,and learning games too. Learning games can help children and parents in teaching some basic skills of children.

Parents attention also important for internet safety for the kids. Kids can grow with the information they get from the internet. It is important to prevent children not to visit the insecure  sites or sites which they are not supposed to visit yet.

As parents , ideally we should monitor the kids when they visit a kid website, however sometimes impossible to do so continuously. Here are some tips we can do to control the sites that kids can access on the internet. As parents we can teach them about a good online behavior that should be known both children and adults. We can make written rules that are written to attach on the wall next to the computer as the rules and agreements.

Never give online personal information, examples real name./full name, address, or school name.  If there is any web ask for information such this, teach the kids to contact us as parents. It is important not to let the personal information is misused by  people who irresponsible.

  1. In  chat room, when there is offer to meet never do so , except there is permission from  parents. If supposed to meet , it should be with parents accompanion.
  2. Never send photo of yourself to other people. It is important to avoid because sending photo through internet is so easy.
  3. Should  not tempted to download application software, except if that software is clearly known. It is important to keep the computer prevent from the virus or Trojans that will harm the computer system.

There is a kid website that is very great to visit so that reduce a bit of our worries when kids searched  information or the unknown games yet.


Games that teach children to responsible for their pets. Kids learn to raise the virtual pet. Buying one of luxury pet in the toyshop , for bringing home and enter the secret code of Webkinz.

 Yahoo! Kids

The website offers many things include within game, music, horoscopes, humor, and learning source. A very nice display that offers contents which can encourage the kids to develop their mind.

 Club Penguin

A kid website is not only a fun game that explore the virtual world of penguins, but kids can interact and socialize too with their peers. Club Penguin is a new social network for children that offers some activities in a plus tiny box. Game is also a technology that keep them entertained and fun for free.

 National Geographic for Kids

The website is an encyclopedia games in video and story of the world around us. Many facts and fun activities for kids to explore while learning. Many information’s that kids can explore, and National Geographic for kid is one of educational game that is very exciting.

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