A Preschool

A Preschool
A Preschool

A preschool is child education to help the growth and development of students’ physical and spiritual outside the family environment before entering primary education that is conducted formally and non formal.

A playgroup. Kindergarten is a preschool educational form that provides early education programs for children ages of 3 till entering primary education.

Why we should send our child to preschool ? What important is a preschool ? What is the advantage for the child ? What things  we learn in preschool ? To answer questions above lets take a look at the answers below.

In preschool kids are learning while playing. Playing is more emphasis than learning so they can still enjoy the game  and won’t realize that they are learning as well. They learn a lot of things as preparation to enter the primary education, such as social interaction. Physical skills ( train the gross motor and fine motor skill), cognitive skill, creativity, arts, affective values such as manners, self esteem, religion, and etc.

One of  the obvious advantages that is needed when enter primary education is socialization. It is really needed so that children are ready to enter primary education. Socialization interaction skills, among others, teaching children how to share, line up, sharing attention with the teacher, how to follow instruction from adults, learn to raise up hands when they want to ask/ express opinion, and etc.

Preschool period is time where kids growing fast and developing. The physical development should also be balanced with the basic physical ability such as holding, jumping, catching/throwing a ball, climbing, lifting, dancing, crawling, and etc. The physical skills continuously trained according to children’s age and ability. Most parents assume that the important ability of a child is cognitive ability such as introducing alphabets, colors, shapes, counting, simple math operation even to be able to spell and to read.

A good preschool will teach cognitive ability without forget to teach the physical/ motor skill and affective as well. Teach cognitive skill to a preschool is not the same way like teach primary education level but more emphasis on playing. Kids are identical with playing so that teach a lot of things to the kids should be created in fun so it feels enjoyable, not using sheets of worksheet that takes a lot of attention. As we know that , they have short span of attention so that learning process is created without need long time to concentrate but long time for fun .

Preschool kids also taught by giving them a simple art project. They are motivated to raise their confidence that they can make it. YES, I CAN DO IT! The simple art project can also brought home and parents at home can help in building confidence to children that they CAN MAKE IT!! Teaching self confidence is IMPORTANT as preparation to enter higher level of education in facing their future life.

That should be put in our mind that parents play important role, consider the first school of a child is their home. Thus as parents, our active role is required on every progress and child’s grow. Helping to be more active in every child’s activity both at school and at home or another activity that makes them  feel cared for  and there is a harmonious physiological closeness between child and parents.


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