ABC Learning for Kids

Abc learning for kids
ABC Learning for Kids

ABC learning for kids is game that teach children to recognize letters as their preparation to learn to read. Letter is a building of a language, any kind of language. So early introducing alphabet to children will bring them to spell or read faster.

Teaching more complicated skills of children as preparation of their ability should be based on the basic skill in reading. Teaching them early in introducing to alphabet will make them read faster but with their  short span of attention it needs a way to keep them enjoy learning. As parents we can learn teaching our kids the alphabet in a fun way.  A fun learning activity will help them enjoy the learning process.

Here are some activities of ABC Learning for kids and parents:

ABC Animal Association

Its a way to teach alphabet to children by associating letters with the pets. Make flashcards of animals picture on one side and the initial letter of pet name on the other side. Kids are asked to say the letter when you show the animal picture.

ABC Animal Association
ABC Animal Association

ABC Cake Walk

To play the game by arranging the paper plate in a circle. Write each of paper plates with letters. Then sing ABC song with the kids . Stop singing randomly when a child stand on one of the paper plates. Ask that child to shout the letter on that plate. You can start by giving examples how to play it.

ABC Pinata

You can use any pinata you have to play the game. Kids really love to smash the pinata with the stick. The game is simple, before the kid is given chance to destroy the pinata , they are asked to name the letters we want.

ABC Bingo

The game use bingo cards. Bingo card is a square card of (5×5) and there is letter on each of it. When we say a letter ask the kids to cover the cards with something. You can create the game more interesting by giving rewards or prize for those get the most scores.

Some ABC Learning for kids that played outdoor are:

ABC Hopscotch

The game is played outdoor by drawing rectangle at the yard and draw more little squares. Write alphabets using the chalk in random or sequence. Write use the capital letter so the kids can see clearly. Use different color for each letter so it looks attractive. Ask the kids to jump over the letters when we say the alphabets.

ABC Hoops

The game is suitable for kids whose hobbies is sport especially basket. So you will need a small basket ball ring with the ball. Ask the children to stand in front of the basket ball ring and when you say the letter ask them to repeat it with a shouting. If they can say it correctly, they can shoot the ball to the ring basket. You can make the game faster so that they can master more letters. You can combine it by saying the pet name or their favorite character. Ask the children to name the initial letter of the pet name  or their favorite character.

With own creativity , you can create many ABC learning for kids to introduce them with letters. Use the objects surround us or can recreate a new game from the game that they familiar with. Moreover if the game is their favorite.

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