About Child Education

About Child Education
About Child Education

About child education then we talk about their future. As an old saying ” children are the leaders of tomorrow”. And the truth is undisputed and we could not ignore it. So supposed there is a seriousness in child education as parents hold important role in child’s education.

As parents never think that taking the child to school then our duty as parents in about child education is done. Not at all. School is just a formal education institution which is directed by professional teachers whose duties contained in professional ethics. So for instance a child miss one school subject, then it is the responsible of teachers and school to make sure that the child can overcome the learning difficulties based on the skill of a teacher. As student’s failure in getting good marks is the failure of teacher’s poor performance and school as well.

Active participation of parents is important in about child education. Participate in many things will help us in monitoring the child’s development. We must not become a professional teacher to participate in child education. Knowing the activity and learning process of a child will help in dealing with child’s difficulties in learning as form of attention, caring and parent’s participation.

About child education not only includes how the education they get at home or school but also things that support it, such as quality of food they consume. Parents should give enough energy with nutritious food that can support full activity at school.

School is not only learning place for children, but also place for getting experience. Life experience with many friends, teachers and other school officials. Not only learning experience, but also other experiences that is really needed to support their future, such as experience in socialize with many friends, express their opinion, problem solving, and etc.

Things for Helping Children to Enrich Child Education are:

  • First look at your child mentally, physically, relationally, emotionally, spiritually and academically. Make a map of your child’s ability. Try to focus more on the strength of your child. But not to forget to see the weakness too. Weakness doesn’t mean the child is disable but could be because it has not explored to its full potential.
  • See whether they need more portion to train their habits? Because a good habit such as self independent that is not maximum yet needs to keep trained so that they can and are used to with it. Need to remember is good habit skill ( keep the hygiene, not putting off to do assignment, sleep early, and etc) also important beside the academic skill.
  • Sometimes children also need more literature as enrichment preparation, beside that they have got from school. Not only school additional literature but also extra snacks because they have done many activities.

Building a good habit at home can support about child education progress. Adding new things in the family life rhythm, for examples reading books with the kids in the living room can create more harmonious family atmosphere . Choose classical stories of Shakespeare such as Charles and Mary Lamb also good for kids. Read with loud voice that involves kids to feel comfort in interact with their parents. Can also pick up books with theme of geography, history, or science. Books such these better only read during family time. After dinner or one night a week can be the right time.

Limit the child in watching TV or video games
Limit the child in watching TV or video games

Limit the child in watching TV or video games can be done by reading 5 for 2. It means every 5 minutes reading , they will get 2 minutes for watching TV or video games. For a child who lazy to practice music can also applied this way so that they keep motivated to practice music. Video game time can also be accumulated and use only in the weekend.

Teaching children with a lot of things can also be done by involving them in our daily activities such as going to the post office. They also go there and buy the stamp, write the address, put it into the mailbox. Or teach them in using the automatic kiosk. Or involved children when we shop for tools in a hardware store, or simply participate in doing family projects.

Involve children in all our lives. Teach and let them know what we are used to do in our daily life. Because child education is not enough by learning and experiencing at school but also learning the daily life experiences. Therefore, children will be a smart personal and able to overcome problems in their future.

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