Academic Preschool

Academic Preschool
Academic Preschool

An academic preschool not only focus on preparing the kids intellectually and academically to enter primary education. More than that to enter primary level also required another things to support readiness in primary education, such as socialization, emotional maturity, a good sensorimotor, and etc.

As parents who have a child and plan or already enroll the child to preschool, it’s good to know a bit about academic preschool . It is important so parents know what the child will get at school.

As early mentioned, the aims of preschool education not only to prepare a child academically and intellectually as preparation to enter primary education. A preschool is child education to help the growth and development of student’s physical and spiritual outside the family environment before entering primary education that is conducted formally or non-formal.

Some important skill that is obtained in academic preschool education, are:

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence Development is one of skill that is obtained in preschool. Kids learn to understand self emotion and others emotion as well as learn to show empathy. It trains kids’ ability to express themselves in a right way. An inability of a child to express himself properly can have serious consequences in the future if he could not control it.


Last but not least from academic preschool is the mastery of socialization skill. Mastery of such skill is important as preparation to enter primary education. Forms of learning socialization skill such this are kids learn to negotiate, learn to compromise, as well as learn how to share. School really requires ability such these so that no problems will occur on the next level of learning and teaching process. Don’t let children risk in the future for not having such skill before age 6 years old.

Student Behavior

Children learn to motivate themselves and able to control someone’s behavior. A simple example that is taught at preschool is learning to raise the hand when ones want to express his opinion, take turn one and another or learn queuing. Teacher should be  able to show attention to students and prepare children to be a successful students.

Physical Motor

Most parents assume that train the physical motor skill is not important in academic preschool. Encouragement to be physically active at young age will effect in a long term. Because children are not automatically learn the motor skill, then need to trained during the preschool age.

For instance train the child to jump, to catch a ball, to kick, and etc are examples of activities which train their motor.

The best thing parents can do is looking for preschool that have curriculum which understand the early childhood development. So by knowing the academic preschool it will help us what ever kids can get at school.

It means the best curriculum of preschool not only focus on teaching the academic skill but there is also another important things as preparation to enter the primary education. The curriculum should include the academic ability, emotional and social skill and the physical motor skill. But above all it is how to build a child’s love of learning through play and exploration.

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