Activities for Preschool Children

Activities for preschool children
Activities for Preschool Children

If you are looking for fresh ideas for activities for preschool children, here are some ideas you can do. Activities for preschool children is a fun activity or an educational game.

Some parents are worried about their kids in early years of environment outside the school. Parents want to convince that teacher and school staff can see and admit the child’s unique. Not only that, parents expect the school can help to develop the child’s interest, talents and potential from an early age.  By knowing the child’s interest, talent and potential from early ages will help teachers and parents to reach their future.

Activities for preschool children such as:

– Abc Learning

Abc learning is a game that teach children to identify letter  as their preparation to read. Letters is a building of language, any kind of language. So introducing children to alphabet from early ages will lead them to spell and read faster. One of alphabet learning games is ABC Animal association. The game teach children about alphabet by associate letter with pets. The game use flash cards of animal pictures on one side and initial letter of the animal name on the other side. How to play is by asking the child to say the initial letter when you show the animal pictures.

– Learning Language

It’s an easy game for parents and children to play at home. Reading interesting story books  for children. Looking for story book that is suitable with their favorite cartoon character. Tell the story with style of a story teller. You don’t have to be a story teller for doing it, the important thing is to tell the story naturally with funny expression that children like. In the end of story we can create simple questions and ask the child to speak.  Teach children to retell the story that they know. Don’t be surprised when they asked us to retell the story over and over.They won’t get bored to listen again and again for story they think is funny and interesting. And sometimes they can retell the story they have heard. Let children express in retell the story. It will teach them to express  themselves through spoken language.

– Art Activity

Art and handcraft is another activity that they can do as a little artist. Every time children like to draw, therefore on any surfaces they often draw,or just scribbles. Children’s fond of drawing or painting anytime can be facilitated with water paint, soft crayons, or colored pencil which is non toxic and harmful for child’s health. Surface that is used for drawing can be paper, woods, or fabric. They can draw any shapes they know or make numbers or alphabets they know  very well.

– Outdoor Activity

Many activities for preschool children can be done. Starting from simple game such as hide and seek , wall ball, rope skipping, hopscotch and etc. You can make these familiar games a little bit different with your creativity. If you are seeking for new games you can search on the internet. Many information about the newest games of outdoor playing.

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