All About Early Childhood Education

All about early childhood education
All About Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education is very important for the growth and development of children. Talk all about early childhood education is not separated from speaking education system or curriculum of early childhood education. Early childhood curriculum is not only focused on preparing children intellectually and academically to enter primary education. But more than that, to enter primary education also need another thing to prepare their readiness in primary education, such as how to socialize, emotional maturity, a sensor motor skill which is good.

All about early childhood education needs to concern are five domains which is interrelated to the child’s development which is often shortened to SPICE.

The 5 domains are:


Social is an ability to work together and share, make a long term relationship and interact with others. The ability will bring children to get ready in interact with many people both teacher and classmates. The ability can be obtained from kind of activities such as art activity, visit kind of places or make an event of art shows.


There are two physical skills development that is gross motor skills and fine motor skills. Gross motor skills cover the gross motor muscles such as arms and legs. Skills that need gross motor such as  walking, running, climbing, balance, and coordination. For an expert evaluation of gross motor skills are strength, movement quality, and movement combination.

Fine motor skills include small muscles, such as fingers, toes, eyes, and other parts. Skills that need the fine motor are writing, drawing, holding ball, waving , and catching.


Children’s development from the cognitive ability. Such ability is important for preparation to enter primary education. The abilities are reading to know the alphabet , color, language skills, and etc. Include for children to be familiar and interact with nature. Recognize kind of animals, plants and objects surround the child’s environment.


All about early childhood education which is also important for children is creativity. Creativity is a special ability that can be generated and viewed when they are still little kids such as talent. Some children show their talents when they are still very young. With the talent they showed since early ages will help parents to achieve a successful future.

5. Emotional

Teach children to encounter and understand feeling and at the same time can develop awareness and confidence as well. Also teach children the mental of competition and the mental of not easily despair. All the emotional attitudes and mental attitudes such this are trained so that children are ready to face their future.

All they obtained during learning process is the same thing when they play, learning while playing because children are identical with playing, so that almost all things they learn in early childhood education is done with fun. All about early childhood education above can be valuable preparations that should be obtained from the early childhood education.

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