Baby Education

Baby Education
Baby Education

What is in your mind about baby education ? How important is education for baby ? Before start to answer it, better to look at first what is education for a baby .




Baby education is a process how to stimulate the physical development, mental and intellectual to be good as their  rapid growth and development. The early years of baby development is important thing that parents should notice., include within stimulate baby to learn. Stimulate early your  baby make baby smart or at least having progress better than other babies which is not stimulated.

This action is earlier better for instance started during pregnancy period, till the early years of baby development. It helps your child in developing their intelligence. Until age 5 years old, a child will experience physical, mental and spiritual grow rapidly.

So important is education for baby, so that later on when entering preschool age or primary education age, basic things that a child should have already achieved. It is important so that interest, talent and potential that a child has can develop properly and optimally. As parents, able to see the interest, talent and potential of a child early will help parents to bring the child into success easier. Because parents’ duty is to bring a child to be successful with the child’s strength, not being failure for child’s weaknesses.

One form of baby education is giving them toys. Roles of  toys beside help the brain development also train the motor skill. In infancy, they are stimulated to recognize shapes, sound, color and texture through kind of toys we give. As an illustration how a baby surrounded with toys, they hold the toys , listen to the sound coming out from the toys and see the color and its shapes. Therefore parents need to consider buying education toy.

Research also shows that baby love contrast colors. That is why most of children’s toys, children’s books are painted and printed out with bright colors. Bright colors for children also stimulate their visualization and children’s visual perception. For baby age between 0 to six months old is recommended to select toys that introduce colors and sounds variations. The rattles sound and its cute shapes.Prepare a safe and comfort mat for babies to explore freely with their toys.

For babies aged six to twelve months, shape sorter toys are quite the popular option Baby education for age 1 – 3 years old, choose toys that can increase the babies’ cognitive and motor skill. For instance for boys, a set of toy train and for girls, a set of dolls with its house. All of these (baby education) help the mental development and build the child’s creativity.

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