Baby Learning

Baby learning
Baby Learning

What is in your mind about baby learning ? Is it time for a baby to learn ? For young parents or parents with first child, maybe need a bit to know about baby learning. Because a human child start to learn when he was born till the end of his life. Life is a collection of experiences where experience is a natural learning process of man.

Talk about how a baby learn, then learn is play. So baby learning is identical with playing. Playing is a natural learning of a baby to understand the world around him. It is needed to develop the basic skills of life as life preparation as he growing and developing.

What the baby learns when he plays? It varies , supposed that a game for baby should reflect the age. Don’t give them toys that is not suitable with their age. It is important so that the baby’s  skill motor development become a multilevel stage not to impose a skill more than they could.

Some games that your baby learning can play:

– Peek-a-boo. It is one simple form of games that mom and baby can play. The game teach that mom is always exists whenever although for sometimes mom looks not around. The game is so easy to play only by closing and opening the eyes temporary with one or both hands. The game also can be combined by hiding their favorite toys and the baby should crawl to look for mom and his toys. The game can develop feeling of secure for babies even though sometimes it takes time for them to be able to feel it.

– Games that involve physical such as push pull game or doll train. Some other games teach balance when a baby sit on his big toy vehicle or learn to climb to the climbing toy even when they learn to climb up and down the stairs. For climbing up and down the stairs should be adjusted with his physical ability.

– Creativity games or showing the artistic talents like drawing. Can use  the crayons, paint fingers or play with ringing and tugging dough flour. The game beside teach  them with creativity but also introduce them about texture and color.

– Problem solving games , example the outdoor games like sandboxes. Scoop, pour and dig sand are lessons how they can solve the problem and manipulate their environment. Important to always keep an eye on them especially if the sands is too dry, not just the wind can blow it and can get onto their eyes but also to maintain the baby not to eat the sand. Another games is learning to order up the tree branch or pebbles from the big to small. This game can be played in the garden.

– The game teach social skill. The game is using animal toys. For example, show them the Daddy bear, Mummy bear and Baby bear simultaneously. It teach them about what family is.

Things to remember is all kind of games is fun and make them happy and laugh. When a child shows his dis-likeness, parents should look for the problems. Is it because they really don’t like or is there any problem that makes them dislikes. Or you can also change the game with their favorite, Good luck !!!

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