Basketball Games for Kids

Basketball games for kids
Basketball Games for Kids

Perhaps as parents we really want our kids enjoy the basket ball games and drills, and it is supposed to be exciting.

If you are a basket ball coach, you must be realized that basketball drills is different for  each level of ages , and for each level is how to train kids and work up their skills in playing basket ball games. The main concept of basket ball games is dribbling, passing  and shooting.

In basketball games for kids which need to remember is how basket ball game activities can be fun and learning basket ball is not a formal practice. Because the kids tend to get bored easily so we need a trick to work up their basket ball skill while at the same time it is also fun for them.

Here are some guidelines that might be useful for parents to teach basketball games for kids

  • Show the kids how to pass ball by catching the ball with their preschool friends or kids with same ages. Thus they will not be afraid with basket ball, for beginner use tiny soft sponge ball and gradually exchange into real basket ball.
  • Teach the kids how to shoot to the basket ring of the kids’ size. We can use hulahop that is the same height as their chest. Set the shoot distance approximately 2-3 meters. When they start to get well trained, then change gradually the ring’s height higher and further the distance.
Basketball games for kids
Basketball games for kids
  • Practice on how to do passing and followed with shooting. Teach them about clean play   by not making many offenses. During the game kids are not dribbling at all and not allowed to dribble while walking or running. They can only pass ball from one person to another until they got enough distance to shoot. It is to minimize dribbling ball while running that is caused by  imperfect ball.
  • Practice in dribbling ball. Make X mark on the ground by using cello tape that signs the kid’s position. Each of them is holding a ball. Instruct every child to dribble ball once then catch and hold the ball. The next round ask that child dribbling around the X mark for twice.
  • Next transition kids 2 on 2 or 3 on 3 to teach about defense and team strategy. Try to position the kids with the same basketball skill, not with different one. It is to avoid from getting frustrated and injuries during basketball games.

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