Best Early Childhood Education Programs

Best Early Childhood Education Programs
Best Early Childhood Education Programs

Best early childhood education programs offer partnership among parents (family or nanny) and the school. Looking for the best place for child education, which is care to all your toddler needs, is responsible of parents. And a good early childhood education gives parents chance to take a look at the programs they offer.



Several things need to concern in selecting the best early childhood education programs are :

  • The best early childhood education programs offered should be licensed either from education department and the health department in your country. Education program that is licensed should meet certain criteria for children’s health and safety. The requirements are varied in each country. To make sure you can contact the Health Department or Education Department to know the school list that having the licensed program in your area.
  • You can contact by phone to ask question about the programs that school offer. To learn further you can visit their program center, or to know program that is home based you can also talk to other parents  whose child have been first to school at the place of your interest. You can ask and find out more about parents’ response to the offering programs.
  • Visit some places that offer different programs. Prepare list of questions for you to ask. Things need to concern is the number of students in each class. The national education association for early childhood education recommended 12 students only as maximum. For 12 toddlers minimum there are 2 nannies, because 1 nanny is not more than 6 toddlers. The lesser is better because in some states 1 nanny equals with 4 toddlers with maximum numbers of 8 toddlers. It is important so that enable the maximum control over your toddler.
  • Make sure that your toddler’s school may at any time contact you. Governess sees that parents are the primary source of love, affection, and care of the child. Governess fully supports working parents by building a healthy professional relationship between parents and governess.
  • Best early childhood education programs know that toddler are explorer with high curiosity to their world. They are always active and moving to explore new things in satisfying their curiosity. Sometimes it can be a problem because as if the toddler turns to be hard to be disciplined. However, a good governess knows that it is the challenge to be a toddler governess. The governess should know how to deal with children.

During age of toddler ( 1- 3 years old) many interesting development are occurred. The toddlers are given chance to take part in many activities both individual or in small group as it will train their social skills through sharing and socialize with many people. Best early childhood education programs provide your toddler to learn well through playing, their curiosity, and exploratory observation with their capacity as toddler.

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