Best Early Childhood Education

Best Early Childhood Education
Best Early Childhood Education

Selecting the best early childhood education is important as the basic preparation for the child to face the next level of education. Early childhood education is very important for children development. Early childhood curriculum is not only focused on preparing the child intellectually and academically but also other aspects that support the child’s readiness in primary education, such as socialization, emotional maturity, a good sensor motor skill, and etc.

The early childhood education program is arranged based on a good education philosophy which is a bit different with other education programs. Early childhood education is arranged  according to the needs of children in facing their first school (elementary school) where the program offering a variety of physical motor readiness, mental, independence, socialization, and etc.

The role of early childhood education is to help in forming character of children, teaching children to be able to express themselves. Also helping  the children to have a good social role, positively active. Therefore put children to the best school of early childhood education will prepare them to be more well prepared and mature to face further education.

As we know, naturally children have big curiosity, the best early childhood education  will facilitate  and direct their curiosity into a good thing and programmed.All their curiosity will be built in a learning process that is suitable with the child’s character in general. A child is identical with playing, then the learning process is built with fun and  exciting atmosphere. The program is completely different from the first which emphasizes more on learning aspect, academic and cognitive only. Naturally people like fun things rather than doing formal things that require too long attention.

Early childhood education  is arranged such this to develop life balance. It means compare with the old system of early childhood education, the child tends to be taught  to fully concentrate on academic matters and sometimes ignore the social contact and the positive physical activity. The negative things that occurred in old system of early childhood education is make the child love to play truant. It occurred because children try to act naturally  to do social contact and positive physical activity. The balance itself is necessary not just to make a ”nerd generation” that focus on learning activity and intellectual only.

The balance of the best early childhood education also to prevent counterproductive to the child’s boredom due to neglect of their nature character. So not only preparing academic things that the child will need to enter further education . Many activities as other balances such as excursions to places that teach about nature, art and culture. Visiting to some art museums, culture museums or to the ranch or farm for introducing animals, plants  and nature to the children.

Beside they can involve in the performing art activity. Children learn to work together, interact with friends and teachers for an event. Learn to express their art also as event to see their talents, interest and potential which is not explored yet. The best early childhood education also often provide children art project or simple science project. The best early childhood education will teach them a scientific activity that will be experience and valuable thing for them to get involved in doing such projects on further education.

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