Bullying in Elementary Schools

Bullying in elementary schools
Bullying in Elementary Schools

Bullying in elementary schools still happens. According to the school survey about crime and safety (National Centre for Education Statistics) that was held in 1999-2000, mentioned that 26% of all government elementary school reported there is bullying every day or at least once a week. The same survey in 2003-2004 decreased into 24%. But the decline was not significant.

The survey that is conducted by researchers at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital and Stanford Medical School, said that 9 of 10 elementary school children are victims of bullying. Even more astonishing, 6 of 10 children who are surveyed confessed as the actors of violence.

From the few facts above, it is important as parents to know a bit about bullying in elementary schools. Not only being victim, but also to find out whether our kids as the actors of violence in their school. It is important to note, so that parents can play their role in reducing violence at school. Because reducing violence at school is not only the responsible of teacher and school management.

How to find out that your kid is the victim of bullying at school especially bullying in elementary schools.

There are several things you need to take a look:

Unwilling to School

Fact has shown almost 160.000 students not attending school because they scare with violence. If it happens to your kids, that suddenly they become lazy to school. Or it could be their focus and concentration are distract because of the violence so that their scores get down drastically. For the parents need to be alert if it happens.

Changing in Attitude and Habit

The changing can be seen from extracurricular activities which decreased or even make him lose his interest at all. Or can make the kid lose his appetite, changing mood and insomnia. If it happens, it could be the signs that your kid experienced violence at school. Sometimes a child looks sad, depressed and not as energetic as before. He rarely plays with his friends used to be, or even sits in the room alone. If it happens, try to approach the child and ask questions gently, so that the child is ready to reveal what happens.

Physical Ailments

Bullying in elementary schools that happen to a child is also marked by physical pain in child such as headache, stomach-ache and the fatigue they complained. The child who is distress in mental intimidation will finally affect his physical. If your child has infection in his urinary tract, could be the violence at school is the cause.

How Parents Can Help

Usually the child is afraid to admit that he was the victim of intimidation or bullying in elementary schools because the child feels shy or afraid. If it happens, parents should keep trying to find out information from the child by making an open approach and communication. Various ways can be done such as asking the child to spend his time to speak from heart to heart with parents.

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