Chess Games for Kids

Chess games for kids
Chess Games for Kids

Studied in many countries has proved that chess games for kids can build up concentration, perception, discipline, and, etc. In other word chess games for kids can give positive development and an enjoyful game as well.

Chess games for kids undoubtedly can improve the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) score. Chess game for kids can strengthen their problem solving skill and make up their mind in difficult decision as well as their abstract skill independently. Puzzles on chess teach the kids to think logically and efficiently. When they learn about tricks and harder techniques on chess games from a book, it will build their reading habit.

Make kids put interest on chess games can also be supported by buying chess sets with cartoon character. There is also available in market chess sets with Disney theme such as Dalmatians, Beauty and the Beast, Cruella DeVil, Captain Hook and etc.Kids who love Harry potter a lot can find Harry Potter chess sets.

Win or Lose in chess games is how to apply the strategy. Doing more practice and identify tactic ideas are very important in game succeed. Online chess games, chess instructive books, chess puzzles, etc, can help kids practice and learn the game. Online chess game is one of the fun and fastest way and to improve the chess game. Online chess games also offer interactive games , quiz and puzzle games. Kids plays chess games with computer and other chess software’s .

Disney Chess
Disney Chess

There are many books about basic instructions in chess games for all levels from beginner to tournament class available in the market. In simple form, these books are easy reading. They also explain different kinds of topic such as how to play chess game, basic strategy until hard tactic and techniques. The Chess player can select as his needs. For beginner , the first two parts help to understand the basic concept. In harder technique give more information on the first session, planning in middle session, ending game strategy, short strategy , pawn position on board, and our weakness spot.

Some parents learn chess games only to teach chess skills for their kids. Every moves on the chess board will have score and will affect to the next move. Wrong moves on chess will affect to the next steps/moves too. So chess games for kids bring math idea for them. Chess games for kids can also improve their memory, reading , language and math skills as well.

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