Child Abuse Education

Child Abuse Education
Child Abuse Education

Talking about child abuse education is not separated from violence against children not only at school but also at home. Violence against children, physical violence, sexual , emotional persecution, or neglect of children. In United States,  CDC (Center or Disease Control and Prevention) defines child abuse as any act or series of acts or omissions by guardian parents or other caregivers resulting harm, or potentially dangerous, or threatening dangerous to the child. As mentioned before that violence against child could happen not only at home but also at school. Mostly the violence against children occur at their own house with small numbers occur at school, in the environment, or organization where the child interact.

There are 4 main categories of violence act against children: neglect, physical violence, emotional abuse or psychological, and child sexual abuse.

Disciplinary action or increased absorption of the child should not be done by force. What Ms. Gabriela Azurduy Arrieta (Bolivia) and Ms. Audrey Chenynut (Monaco) read in General  Assembly of the United Nations Special Session on Children  on May 8, 2002 should be understood more deeply by educators in this country. One of the messages that the importance of equality of opportunity and access to a qualified education which is compulsory and free of charge, as well as school environment that allows child to feel happy and excited to learn.

It is not an excuse for parents and teacher to do child abuse only because they are difficult to be managed, naughty, did not hear what teacher or parents said, and etc. It is needed patience from teachers and parents in facing a child that is hard to be disciplined.

Teach them how to love you
Teach them how to love you

In child abuse education there are ways to prevent child from the violence, they are:

  • As parents supposed to love the child
    Loving the child will prevent him from child abuse physically.
  • Teach them how to love you
    If your child loves you, they will obey you and you can prevent from being mad and upset and the act of child abuse to them.
  • Child as heritage or valuable treasure
    Therefore takes a good care of them.
  • Control the emotion
    Sometimes child often disturbs you when you are working on something or do the housework. Control you emotion don’t let the child become your anger object.
  • Talk to them
    With the childish thought they often do thing that for adult is a silly thing. But that is how children learn. Children still not knowing yet if it is harmful or they should not do. Talk to them with love and gentle.
  • The empathy attitude to children
    Other child abuse education is empathy attitude. The empathy attitude is an attitude of listening to what they complaint and their trouble. Never blame children to every mistake they commit. Try to ask them why when they cry or angry.
  • What you plant is what you will harvest
    If you instill good to the children when they are still young, happiness and joy will be appreciated to you when you are getting older.

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