Child and Education

Child and Education
Child and Education

Child and education are two unseparated things. Education starts when a baby was born and lasts a lifetime. Education can start before the baby was born just like other people do by playing music and read story far away before they were born with hope that mother can teach the baby before the birth.

As parents we should be more active involved in child education. Also need to have a good understanding about the needs of child education. Parents should have a good intuition and understand how to get involve in child education.

Child education is not only obtained at school but as parents we should teach about wisdom’s how to live the life in the best way, so home and parents are school and the first teacher of child, and parents is the best teacher for child because the success of education at school never out of parents’ role at home.

Talking about child and education is not out of how to teach independence. Independent attitude can be started when they’re still young like wearing own shirt, tying shoes and others daily simple things. It sounds easy but in practice we often face obstacles. Not rare parents feel no heart or even can not wait to see their kid trying to tie his shoes for a few minutes, but still not showing any success yet.

Then efforts that parents can do to make kids get used to not to tend rely on others, and able to make decision.

Here are several things about child and education that you can apply to train your kids to be independent :

Give a Chance to Choose
Kids who used to face situations or things that have been determined by others will be lazy to make their own choice. It would be better if he is accustomed to face with several options, he will be trained to make up own mind for himself. For instance to choose which clothes will be worn for friend’s birthday party. Habit to make up own decisions in a small scope since early ages will make it easier for them later to determine and decide things in their life.

Appreciate for The Efforts
Child and education also teach to appreciate every small effort that is shown by child to solve difficulties that he faced. Parents usually not patient when they should deal with a child who takes too long to open up his can of candy. Especially during mom was busy in the kitchen. Therefore parents are supposed to give chance to child in trying and not directly intervened to help him. The chance you give will be experienced by kids as appreciation for their efforts, so that they are encouraged to do small things by themselves.

Avoid Asking Much
Questions that parents ask actually intend to show their caring to the child, meaning as an attitude of being curious too much . Therefore avoid being fussy. Example a child who has just returned from school will be upset, when attacked with such questions “ what did you learn at school ?” and “why your uniform got dirty ?”,  “You must be fight again at school !” And so on. Instead, a child will be happy when they are welcomed and greeted with a short sentence:  “Hello mommy’s boy have come home from school !” so that if there’s thing he likes to tell, he will tell it by his own without need to be encouraged.

Don’t Do Spontaneous Answer
Even though parents’ duties is giving information and the right knowledges to the child, but it is better for parents not to answer the question directly. Give a chance to him to answer the question. And your duty is to correct him when he got wrong answer or give them rewards when he can answer it right. This chance will train child to find alternatives from a problem solving. Example, “ Mom, why we should take a bath twice a day? “ Let the child answer it according to what they know. Therefore the child is trained not just to pick parents’ answer right away as the only trusted answer.

Encourage Them to See The Alternative
Better for the child to understand that to encounter a problem, parents is not the only place to ask, still other sources surround the house that can help to overcome problems they face with. Therefore parents can do by telling other right source for asking, to deal with certain problems. So that the child is not depended on parents only, which is possible one day later will make them in trouble. Example, when the child is coming to his parents and complaint about bicycle is making sound when he was riding. You can answer: “ Okay , later we will bring it to the bicycle repair shop”

Don’t Break His Spirit
Most parents often avoid the child from being disappointed by saying “impossible” to what they are trying on . Actually when the child is willing to show their independent, encourage them to keep on trying. About child and education never make your child loose their motivation or hope about things they want to achieve.

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