Child Development and Education

Child development and education is important as a basis of child growth from human  development. The  future success of the child is also determined on how we stimulate and help the child development in an early age.  Good child development should be followed by a good early childhood education. So the process of child growth is not separated from  how we provide a good and proper early childhood education.

Child Development and Education
Child Development and Education

Being able to provide a good early childhood education for child development and education is a major investment for early child development. Stimulate children with learning and social interaction, both inside and outside the house  will help children to develop the ability they need in learning new ideas and learning more complex things later. It will create a good individual concept and teach self confident, include being a fighter personal who not easily give up.

Good educational system should involve all the stakeholders, both parents, society and government. Teaching and learning are best achieved through the involvement of all stakeholders, so that the learning process will either bring out the change of child positive behavior both at school, home and society.

Family plays important role in child development and education. Learning is an active process that occurs continuously throughout life. The school provides continuous opportunities for student’s success to see that the child is a unique individual. One key factor performance student success lies in student’s attitude and self image. Quality teaching requires innovation, collaboration, and ongoing professional development.

Talk about child development and education is not separated from parenting. There are four general parenting ways, they are authoritarian, permissive, neglectful and authoritative. Research shows that children learn more easily with parents whose parenting is gently compared with parents whose firmly in parenting. Research in neuroscience shows that touch is necessary for the child’s development. And touch is not only allow for individual but also the society.

Equally important is nutrition. Breastfeeding infant is very influential in its development. Research shows that milk is the perfect food for the brain. Brain is important to process the things related to depression, violence, and social behavior. Children who consume enough milk will develop their brains better than children who less consume it.

The key to healthy child development is how much time is spent between parent and the child. More time child spent with the parent, the healthier teenager and adult they are in development compared to child that lacks of time together with the parent.

So child development is effect of physical maturity and the influence of family culture, socio-economic family. Early childhood education requires healthy families and societies so that child get a good experience both in the family and in society. So family and society play important role in the success of child development and education.

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