Child Development Classes

Child Development Classes
Child Development Classes

Anyone who is interested in working with children can apply for Child Development Study. This study usually offered individually or as a part of education or psychology field in many universities in the world. Child development classes offered focus on children’s behaviors, learning behaviors, class management, developmental and learning assessment, various styles of teaching methods and other classes aimed to give both knowledgeable and practical skill for the graduates to be able to work at preschools, daycares, special schools, children related organizations and public services, social organizations and many more.

Typical Classes to Take in Child Development Field

Child Development Classes
Child Development Classes

Nowadays, many parents will not think about putting their children in preschools or daycares that employ teachers without certification or diploma in child development or child education. This is because, in child development, students learn the best ways and methods to handle children in various situations, including in the classroom. Here are typical classes that will be offered in Child Development Field in many universities (classes may vary for each university):

  • Child Development Basics

This is the most basic among child development classes at all universities. Learning about the basic of child development, including typical behaviors and cognitive abilities of children in various stages of development will help you gain insight about the best way to handle children at classes. This basic knowledge is crucial in all types of works related to children.

  • Brain Physiology

Understanding how the brain works will also become vital part in working with children, including understanding about how human brain will react in certain situations depend on the age, nurture and learning background.

  • Growth and Development

This is the more specific class regarding of Basic Child Development. This is also one of the most important Child Development classes, because you learn about development aspects in kids aged 0 to 8 years old. These aspects include social, intelligence, emotional and physical aspects, which are very important in gaining license as early education teacher.

  • Classroom Management

This is important class to take for everyone who aims to become a teacher, especially early education teacher. Here, students learn how to create cooperative, comfortable and creative environment in a classroom to support learning process of children.

Child Development Classes
Child Development Classes
  • Cognitive Activities

Here, students learn how to engage children in creative and fun activities that will improve their cognitive abilities.

  • Observation and Guided Assessment

To become a good teacher, you must take this class to learn how to observe children’s developments and do guided assessment to see whether the educational goals you set up for the children reach the targets or not.

  • Specialized Teaching Methods

There are various teaching methods that are adopted universally such as Montessori and Waldorf. You may learn only one or both, and you will be able to apply them in your classroom.

Other classes that may be given as Child Development classes include classes about sign language, social skill development, family-integrated child care, classes about emotional intelligence, practical life skills for children and many more.

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