Child Early Education

Child Early Education
Child Early Education

Some parents not completely understand the important of child early education. Still they  think that a child no need extra attention before they enter the school. Grateful to all parents who understand the importance of child early education to help the child when they start to school.

As parents we always want the best thing for our child. We want them to be all – rounders when they grow up, smart in academically, co curricular, music and other skills.

Studies shown recently that children whose parents help the kids to focus in child early education will be successful in their education. They have ability to do better at school and also better in their career and works.

Development in child early education is not focused in intellectual only but more than it, physical motor skill development, social, emotional, and creativity. Such skills development should be started in early ages before they enter primary school so that they are well prepared to face kinds of learning activity at school better.

The first time a child is introduced to  early education, parents often get confused with many resources introduced to their kids. Many researchers said different things about how to use the resources. No need to be confused, the best way is to start it slowly . When you start buying toys or story books try to find out well whether it is suitable or not for your kids.

Choose the suitable toy with the age and ability. Plenty of educational games can help children in developing the basic skill. And games does not always mean you should buy new things, but you can make games that involved more interaction between parents and kids. Many advantages can be obtained while playing. Self- esteem, self confidence, problem solving skills, physical coordination, social skills are few examples of the benefits while they are playing.

Over all, parents role is very important. Parents is the best teacher for the child. Self educating by learning a lot how to educate a child since early ages is one of the best way. You don’t have to be a reliable teacher or a child psychologist. Many information and interesting articles are written by educators and child psychologist. They often write and share experiences through many posts they made.

Few things need to concern in child early education.


Early education is based on the concept that brain’s development grow up to 80 % occurs in period of 0 – 5 years old.  A good stimulation will balance the rapid grow of the child’s brain  with the rapid ability of mastering skill they need. During this period brain of a child will absorb any kinds of information and make children learn easily. Naturally kids are reliable learner. They learn fast about new things with easily, event hough sometimes  their learning style is different from adults .

Jean Piaget with Alfred Binet said that children are like a “little scientist” who is trying to understand their world with their own way, not only learning informations passively.

Piaget was a philosopher, scientist and Swiss developmental psychologist, whose famous for his research result about children and the theory of cognitive development. And Alfred Binet is famous with Stanford – Binet Intelligence Scale which is until now still being used as measuring tool to determine a person’s intelligence.

How to Start it

Concept of early education in United States is begun in the 1950s which is pioneered by Dr. Glenn Doman. Glenn Doman is a physical therapist who examined developmental programs for brain injured kids. At that time Glenn Doman seeing kids with brain injured can perform in average level compare with the normal kids. Then the program is tested to in normal children and the result was amazing. Children can start to read and master simple math in a very young age. They can learn foreign language as well as solve the complex puzzles.

The holistic development of children who have undergone this program is much better than those who did not. . Then the program keeps developing  and many people start to adopt the programs, by modifying based on their own theories. Even though there is school that apply different theory however they look agree to one thing that teaching a child since early ages will result better in the child holistic development.

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