Child Education Classes

Child Education Classes
Child Education Classes

From various fields in education, early child education is one of the most crucial and sought out fields, because it deals with children that are in the crucial ages of development and learning. Therefore, early child education classes must encompass all aspects related to child education, including factors that can influence teaching and learning activities whether they are positive or negative. At various state universities, early child education classes are separated as specific classes, and people who take these classes and field get special certificates different from primary and middle school education.

People who are dealing with early child education face preschool, kindergarten and first to third grade students. In these stages, children have very specific needs related to education. These stages also form the base of later education levels, so teachers specialize in early child education must understand the best methods to deliver curriculum based lessons with the most effective methods.

Early child education classes guide teachers-would-be to effectively teach students in these levels, using various teaching methods and knowledge in child psychology.

Here are important class groups to take in early child education program

Theories of Early Childhood

These are actually parts of psychology, but since learning is a cognitive related activity, early child education students must also understand about psychological aspects of children. Usually, students will learn theories of Jean Piaget, Erikson, Bandura and Howard Gardener. They were great researchers and figures in psychology and education, but students must not stick to one theory when dealing with children, because these researches truly had different point of views about child development stages. Therefore, the more theories the students understand, the better they are in understanding children.

Teachers later will be able to use these theories as basics to face children in different ages and developmental levels, and can use the knowledge to pick the most effective teaching methods. Teachers will also be able to use these theories to deal with difficult children that seem to have problems in absorbing lessons or making friends.

Children Related Knowledge

Child Education
Child Education

Early child education classes are packed with psychology related lessons, but that is because a child’s psychological state can really affect the way he or she absorbs the lessons and also interacts with other kids at school. A child’s performance at school can be affected by his or her environment, house condition, family relations, problems in the family, situations around his or her living are and such. By understanding these factors, teachers will be able to teach students more effectively, encourage parents to create positive environment at home, and even help students that have problems.

Lessons in Related School Subjects

Since the main duty of teacher is teaching, classes in early child education will also involve lessons in subjects such as math, language, science, computer and social study, which must be given to students from preschool to 3rd grade at elementary school. This is important because all teachers must comply with lesson plans that are base on state curriculum’s, and there are standards that have to be maintained when it comes to teaching students at school. The lessons must also be given in levels that are beyond 3rd grade levels, because the teachers- would-be must have deeper knowledge in those subjects than the students.

Education of A Child
Education of A Child

Classes about Children Health and Families

Early child education classes must encompass special subjects related to children health and families, and this can also include special communication methods such as American Sign Language (not all schools offer this subject, though). By having knowledge in these subjects, teachers can have deep knowledge about the students that they handle, especially because modern childhood theories have shown that learning process is influenced by a lot of things, including family and health problems.

For example, early education teachers may get lessons about parenting methods, interactions in the families, common physical and mental impediments that often happen to students, common disease that can easily attack students and such.

By getting all these class groups, teachers can effectively teach students at preschool, kindergarten and elementary school from 1st to 3rd grade easily. Early child education classes encompass wide range of fields, and people with early education certificates surely have very valuable knowledge and skills.

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