Child Education Development

Child Education Development
Child Education Development

Parents involvement in child education development is very important. Parents’ role is quite important in helping child education development. Every parents must have been want to see the development and education of their children accordance as expected.

One of things that can encourage the growth in child education development is educational games. However, as parents there is nothing wrong to know in which domain the child can develop while they play with the educational games. It is important so that children are ready to face kind of harder challenges on further level of education.

According to Dorothy and Jerome Sireg from Yale University , there are six important elements of child education development that can be done in educational game according to the age level:

1.   Motor Development

Covering the gross motor and fine motor skill. That belongs to gross motor skill are walking, kicking, jumping and body balance, lifting, climbing and swaying. Example of toys that help the gross motor skill are shopping cart, tricycles, toy cars with kid’s power  such as plasma car, develop the specific motor skills such as hopscotch sets,  jump ropes or Spin Master  Stomp Rocket or hula hoops. Meanwhile which belongs to fine motor skills are cutting, grip the pencil for writing , using the spoon, and etc. The game can be done as example doing life skills such as put the buttoning, lacing, zipping, slicing and locking as well as  unlock.

2.   Hand and Eye Coordination

It is the ability of a child in doing activity that rely on the hand and eye coordination at the same time.

Example of the games are  get the nesting and stacking toys such as Melissa and Doug Geometric Stacker, blocks and other building sets, such as pegboards, puzzles, art activity like drawing, cutting , painting beads, sculpture, and etc.

Child Education Development
Child Education Development

3.   Cognitive Ability     

The child’s ability to learn about new things and knowledge as well as apply it on different things, Child education development will help children to enhance their reasoning capacity, interpretation, comparing, distinguish, evaluate, assess, predict, sequencing, visualization, and conclude. A good cognitive ability will help the child to master knowledge and vocabulary that relate with it. Choose toys that require the use of logic, identifying solution and puzzles. For examples, get a game that asks children to use the clues and deduction to solve problem, such as the classic board game Clue or Fox Mind Games’s Logic I.

4.   Hearing, Listening, and Voice

Develop the child’s ability that relates to sense and communication. Develop this aspect allows a child to distinguish kind of sensory input sounds. Example of the games are musical instruments, such as shakers, drums, whistles, triangles, tambourines and xylophone that encourage children to play and distinguish different sounds produced.

5.   Social/Emotional 

Child skills development that relates to ones’ interaction to another. It also  teaches how to behave well towards others. Games that can be played  such as, FoxMind Games’ Babylon that teach the skill how to line up and good sportivity.

6. Creative/Imaginative

Development of skills related to a child’s ability to be creative with his imagination ability. Such ability will teach children to explore new ideas and solution that may be done. To develop creativity and imagination, choose toys that encourage your child to create things or pretending a scenario role. For example, the Uberstix construction system can be used to build kinds of unlimited structures. Dolls, the doll’s house for girls also train their imagination. Costumes games and props in real life can also assist the power of creativity and imagination of children.

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