Child Education Games

Child Education Games
Child Education Games

As parents we often facilitate kids with games. As games is not only good for the child development but also good for their education. Many child education games for kids played for fun or educational games. How do we know that it is educational games or not as there are many options of games are available in the market, so it is important to select child educational games that really concern with the child’s interest such as child education games that suitable for the child’s age and ability.

Plenty of games are available in the market, especially electronic games that based on computer ( online / offline) or based on console games such as PS, Nintendo, Xbox, and etc. But you can also create your own games at home. Make some educational games that you can play with the kids is one of the best way to teach them about some skills, such as reading skills, math and knowledge. It can be a way to make them learning while playing. As we know that kids often feel not interested with conventional learning which ask more concentration with less of fun. However, with fun kids will stay longer, and basically kids have short span of attention and concentration compare to adults.

Here are few things you should consider when making child education games

  • Before making games make sure the game that is created suitable to the child’s age and ability.  Because games that suitable to the child’s age and ability will make the objectives of games become effective. Also avoid kids from being frustrated because of unable to play it.
  • Also notice to select game that is not using harmful things for children, for example sharp things or toxic.
  • Notice as well to the child’s strength and weakness. For example, the child has difficulty with numbers so create games which not dealing too much with numbers. Even though it should use number then it can be manipulated by using colors. For instance, one for red, two for yellow, and etc.
  • Use bright colors and big size of letters. Adjust the games media to their fingers and hands size. You can also use flashcards as media game. Many games can be played using flashcards.
  • Child education games can be played during family time, so beside provide special time for playing, there is no harm to make the family time for playing.
  • You can also create child education games with their favorite cartoon characters. Usually kids will be more excited and can stay longer with games that have cartoon character of their favorites
  • Do not hesitate to give appreciation to their success playing the game. Praise or appreciation to the child will teach kids to keep the spirit and confidence.

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