Child Psychology Education

What is the role of child psychology education ? The child’s learning psychology  help to determine the learning result, the process covers conditioning, forming habits, imitation, social modeling, cognitive process, stage of development and information processing.

Child Psychology Education
Child Psychology Education

Child psychology education is the applications of invention in psychology to stimulate the child’s growth. In another sense says child’s psychology education is a series of systematic efforts that attempt to change the learner’s behavior by the rules of psychology.

One of child psychology education role is to prevent problems during process of child’s learning, as well as a result of education system in order to overcome the behavior that has occurred is easier to dealt with than problems arise after they grown up. So child psychology education has fundamental role in education especially for children so that it provides the right steps in organizing child’s education in order to reach the objective of education.

Studies of Psychology Education have spawned various theories that underlie learning system. We know a number of learning theories, such as classical conditioning theory, connectionism, operant conditioning, gestalt, power theory, cognitive theory, and other learning theories. Despite the controversy that attach on weaknesses of each theory, the fact is such theories have given significant contribution in learning process.

Studies of psychology education have also spawned a number of principles that underlie learning activity. There are twelve principles in learning, such as:

1. Someone who studies should have a goal. There fore its important for parents and educators to be able to give explanation to the child about the goal of education.

2. The goal of learning should emerge from the importance of education for living needs, not being forced by others or anyone. So it is expected that as parents and educators cold encourage and motivate self awareness of learners about the importance of learning objectives. It’s the importance role of child psychology education.

3. No pain no gain .That should learners aware of, in order to achieve the desired goal, it needs effort and sacrifice. Children should be willing and ready to experience a variety of difficulties and continue to strive with diligence and hard work to achieve the goal.

4. The learning succeed at school not always measured by the academic score only. The good learning result also looked from behavior change into better. So for parents don’t be disappointed when child’s score at school is less than expected, but then it turns out to be better child’s behavior. The same things, don’t be too proud with fantastic score of lessons that might achieved but the child’s behavior is less developing.

5. Learning by doing. Learning is not just a theoretical lessons in school but also can be practiced in everyday life.Learning will be more successful when it is accompanied by the acts or conduct

6. Learning at school not only emphasizes the intellectual aspect alone but also learning of ethical, social, emotional, teamwork , and etc. Because the child’s success in the future is not solely determined by his intellectual intelligence alone.

7. Human being are social creatures. We can not live without the assistance of others. As well as learning. Children still need help and guidance from teacher at school and parents at home. Children should realize that they can not live without the help and guidance of others.

8. Learning is not just remembering and memorizes knowledge that is being skilled, but also requires greater understanding. So learning is not only to remember facts verbally.

9. For some people, beside pursuit, the goal of learning is to seek for knowledge as well as learn about ethical, social, emotional, teamwork also to pursue other objectives. It’s especially at the university level. For example, some study for getting academic degree so that the career is progressing.

10. Learning is a successful effort if it gives pleasant success. For example, get rank or win the  inter – school art competition, etc.

11. Test, exercises, and tasks given by teacher should begin with comprehension. Don’t let the task and practice that have been done without leave any comprehension of  the task itself.

12. Learning needs motivation as well as the passion and willingness to learn. Otherwise they feel burdened to learn  then the result achieved is not optimal.

So role of education psychology, especially the child psychology education greatly assist  the process of learning activities in schools which will finally help the child successful in their education.

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