Classroom Games for Kids

Classroom games for kids
Classroom Games for Kids

There is plenty of games for kids to play in the classroom, one of the popular classroom games for kids that can be played in the class is team building games. The game is designed for activity in the classroom that teaches kid how to cooperate well with other students in the classroom.

A classroom games for kids is a game with team support. The students that involve in the game are taught the leadership skill. The team building games is a popular games for kids to play in the classroom and successful in many school across the nation.

One of the first and easiest team building games for kids is called as “Name Tents”. The game use white plain paper. Kids are asked to write their name and draw things they see from the magazine that described who they are. Then they are asked to fold the paper into a tent look like. Kids are given about 30 seconds to introduce themselves and explain about the tent they created.

The game is highly productive because it teaches the kids name and how they are in the classroom, and help the student in identifying friends whose hobbies are the same. It is a highly productive game in classroom environment.

Next game that is played in the classroom is Guide. The game is also known as Blind Obstacle Course. The game is played by some small groups consist of four to seven players. The game is played by child who’s been appointed and with closed eyes he walks through the obstacles. Kids are guided by their teammates passing through the obstacles made of cones and rope.

The game can be played both indoor and outdoor. However, also notes the noise level during indoor playing. The first team that succeeds to pass the obstacle course is the winner. The game teaches kids about the communication skill, listening cooperation and confident as well. The game is very well played in the beginning of school year to strengthen relations between kids in the classroom.

Another classroom games for kids can be held in the class room is Compliments. It’s kind of game that help kids to get known each other. Kids gather into a big circle, and each of kid will get paper and pencil. Every kid is asked to write his name with capital letter. The paper then put in front of them. Then they walk around the circle as the clock wise together. After they stopped in front of their friend’s paper, ask them to write compliments about their friends. Do it over and over again till all paper written with compliments. After that kids can read out aloud the paper has been written with compliments by their friend.

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