Dentist Games for Kids

Dentist games for kids
Dentist Games for Kids

The best mouth cleanness is not more to clean up the teeth as pearls. Teeth cleanness which is not being treated well will cause mouth and teeth problems, such as gums problem. Kids will have teeth problems easier, and visit a dentist will make them panic. Playing dentist games for kids will make teeth caring becoming more fun and soon their fears get eliminated when doing teeth caring to a dentist.

Teaching the Mouth Cleanliness

Playing games can help kids to take their mouth cleanness care better. Teach kids to brush their teeth with their favorite songs every morning. You can turn on IPOs or mp3 player with his favorite music. Accompany him till he finished with brushing his teeth or till the song end. For bigger kid, also teach him to use mouth wash after brushing teeth. Watch his arms when using mouth wash with alcohol; do not let him swallow the mouth wash.

1. Homemade Tooth Paste
Kids love to make thing that they will use. We can make own toothpaste and kids will use it for their mouth and teeth caring. There is some recipes you can try to make own tooth paste. (such this link ), and may be need few experiments to get the `best taste of tooth paste as they want. Try four or five different recipes that made by kids, and try the tooth paste on them. And let them choose their favorite taste.

2. Pretend to Be Dentist
Kids fear on something sometimes unreasonable. The same thing when visit the dentist. It is so frightening for a kid. Dentist game for kids is a group of games which content of tooth brush and some dentist equipments to teach the kid of what is happening when they visit the dentist. First, have them to sit relax on a comfortable seat with half lying position. Put paper towel on his shirt, then use the tooth brush and toy dentist equipments to show how dentist work. If you have more kids, then give their turn to be patient. After showing dentist games for kids, now comes their turn to be the dentist. Pretend to play dentist games for kids giving them experience, and hopefully will eliminate their frightened to a dentist.

Kids pretend to be dentist
Kids pretend to be dentist

3. Play Quiz About Mouth and Teeth
Playing game by create a simple board game like stock card. Use coin or cutting of other board to move along the game. Ask questions about mouth and teeth cleanness, dentist, dental clinic, etc. Before that you can prepare the questions or check the laptop and kids’ position are at back of your laptop when the question being asked.

4. Table of Dental Care
Table about mouth and dental care progress can motivate them. Make a list of what must and may not do for mouth and dental health. Give point to every positive thing they do, for instance brush the teeth after meal, not consume sweet beverages at dinner or gargle with mouthwash. Explain to them what reward they will get if they can achieve certain points. For example , every child that get 50 points in one month then he will get $5 to buy new toy or if you have more kids, when your kids could get same number of points in certain period, then family will take them out for dinner or going out of town for holiday.

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