Department of Early Childhood Education

Department of Early Childhood Education
Department of Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education is one level of education to children who carried before entering primary education. Children’s age can enter this education should not be more than six years. Education started early here could be an option for parents to provide the best education start from an early age for their kids. There is a positive influence to be gained from this study of which is to help the growth and development of children both physically and spiritually. Thus, children who have attended educational programs conducted by the department of early childhood education will be better prepared when it follows the further education.

The Purpose of Department of Early Childhood Education

Convening early child education does have some purpose, this should be considered by parents who have children with age not more than 6 years. Shaping the character of a good child is one of the goals of this educational program implementation. Whereas the main purpose of this educational program is to establish a quality kid and able to evolve and cope with life in their adulthood. Readiness to learn is instilled at an early age it will greatly affect their readiness in the face of further education level. That is why; the difference will be very noticeable between children who have followed education from an early age and children straight into the basic education level.

Through the department of early childhood education, then the public will have a medium to provide the best education for their children from an early age. Nothing wrong if this department now holds a very important role to help shape the child’s personal quality. Department is moving to regulate a variety of issues related to early childhood education provides a comfortable place to learn and a representative for the child’s age. As we know that a child’s education is intended to support the child’s growth and physical development. More than that, children’s intelligence, socio-emotional and communication means in accordance with the child’s stage of development. These are the most important thing which must be paid attention by the department of early childhood education.

The Purpose of Department of Early Childhood Education

The Scope for Early Childhood Education

However, the department of early childhood education has to stated that the provision of education for children should be adapted to their age. The ability of the child would be different between children aged 2 years and 4 years. This is evidence that the ability of the child will also be different. To provide age-appropriate materials, the child should be categorized based on their age. The scope for the child’s age is the age of the child early from 0 -1 year called infant, aged 2-3 years referred to the toddler, and preschool 3-6 years or kindergarten called children. Actually for children 6-8 years of age is still within the scope of the category of early childhood, but the material presented is a matter of primary school. Scope for a child this age is called the early primary school. Categorize the student based on their age should be conducted well by the department of early childhood education.

The department of early childhood education gives early childhood education for children through various educational instance or institution that has spread to many areas. Equalization of educational institutions or agencies related to education was necessary to meet the educational needs of the entire community equally.

Whereas the quality to maximize a child’s education, the department of early childhood education should continue to pursue a variety of things to support learning for these children can provide satisfactory results. The things that are needed include teacher’s quality, learning media used, the location of the study, and many others.

The department of early childhood education here must priority the quality of teacher. Teacher has big role to success the program education for early childhood. Therefore, they must understand well about child psychology and also how to solve the student’s problem in the class and many others.

As teacher, you have to know that different age will need different media to study. The student with 1 year old will be different with student with 2 years old. Childhood’s age usually is more interesting to learn by playing. This method is more effective then they will receive the lesson with any game at all. However, the intensity of playing should be different for different age. Based on this condition, the department really understand what the students need. Therefore, the department of early childhood education can gives the best thing for the student.

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