Dinosaur Games for Kids

Dinosaur Games for Kids
Dinosaur Games for Kids

Lots of fun events on TV are about dinosaurs. One species of this animal becomes popular in teenagers and children realm. The current kids are more aware about dinosaurs. Kids are generally willing to spend time just for searching information about this animal, even some of kids are very familiar with some types of dinosaurs. So, it‘s not excessive if these kids are also interested to play dinosaur games.

Generally the kids are interested in dinosaur games for kids when their ages no more than 4-5 years old. So it’s important for us as a parent to be able to recognize their knowledge and history of the dinosaur in proper age. Do not introduce dinosaurs to the kids at the time when they have less interest about dinosaurs. Teaching the kids about dinosaurs’ knowledge indirectly will also teach how the history of earth is and its future.

When we search dinosaur games for kids, try to focus on features that are best for kid. Do not give games which require complicated command. Some of this game is designed with graphic appearance that is funny and interesting.

For parents who worry about violent games, most of dinosaur games for kids are actually not showing violence. It is reasonable because we have watched Jurassic park movie that content violence scene. The game designers and developers know very well that this game is addressed for children and teenager.

From lot of existing games, there are dinosaur online games. You can find and try the game that is suitable for your kid. In the game we can see interesting pictures that can attract kids’ interest. Here are some interesting ideas about it:

Young Kids (3 -9)

When deciding for this group ages, try to consider their favorite. The colorful dinosaurs can be an option and be part of children from party activity, art as well as gift. Do not be lazy to ask the shop man in details and always read the book’s content. It will be a good guide for choosing the right gift for the child. Need to put in mind that kids do not really like little trinkets about dinosaurs, although it might seem interesting for us.

Dinosaur Games for Kids
Dinosaur Games for Kids

Dinosaur Games for Kids (10-15)

Dino Stalker, PS2 game is certainly not suitable for little kids, but it is more suitable to be played by bigger kids. This game can be played both with the buttons and the gun as well.

Turok was released in 2008, has fine graphic display and interesting to be played. This game also provides the gun, just same as games of Call of Duty, Battlefield, Half Life 2 and Bad Company

Jurassic Park

It is the first classic game. There is some scenes in Chaos island that is pretty scary. Adventure games that demand fast movement can be found also in such of these games, Age of Empire, Star Craft which is part II of Jurassic Park movie.

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