Early Child Learning

Early Child Learning
Early Child Learning

One of important target in early child learning is to develop early learning habits to children. The sooner you start to develop early learning procedures to your child, then easier for them to be excel in school.

Early education has been recognized as part of process in raising children as an integral part of child development. Children need to be prepared to be more ready for school. But still some parents who think that development of child’s growth rate is a natural process without needs role of parents to interfere.

Early education is part of stages in child development. This important stage is often identified as the period between birth and 5 years. Stage of child development is the foundation of human development and considered important to its success in community.

Early child learning is an option. Option which not offering much for a family. So knowledge and commitment is necessary for parents to look at the importance of early education for a child.

Early child development is a chance of major investment that provides a lot of great benefits for the future of child compare to other period of child development. So this important investment only gives one opportunity in period of child development.

Family has important role in development and child education. It requires a good commitment in raising the child. Learning is a process, active for a life time. Though school is responsible to give ongoing opportunity for the student success, still needs parents role and family.

Every child is a unique individual that needs good attention from their parents. Supposed that parents know early about the child’s interest, talent and potential, better than the teacher at school. So its important for parents to recognize early about the uniqueness of the child.

Here are some tips parents can do in early child learning as supporting success of the child :

Develop The Learning Habits.

Early Child Learning
Early Child Learning

Its never too early to create early  learning habits to the child. Even before they enter  early school education, you can teach them general knowledge about colors , numbers, and shapes. Develop learning habits in the morning for 15 to 20 minutes everyday is a good thing you can do. Such good habit will continue when the child enters  school with lots of  homework to do. This way will make parents easier to teach commitment for their study.

Teaching How to Study.

One of the best habits of early education is teaching child how to study. Teaching them to understand the importance of information being important part of the learning process, both visually , hearing and kinesthetic.

Improving early learning experiences will give positive effect to children . They will be more confident and knowledgeable, And later they will also know how to handle job they will face. The sooner you start early learning habits will be better.

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