Early Childhood Education at Home

Early Childhood Education at Home
Early Childhood Education at Home

House should be a comfortable place for children. Besides for resting place, the home is also a place to provide for early childhood education. However, parents will act as a teacher in this regard. Therefore, parents should be able to act as a teacher who could give lessons on the many things for children. If not, then the parent can bring a private tutor to provide the material for your child. This way is an early childhood education at home that can be other alternative for children to get education.

Just that if parents become teachers without equipped with sufficient knowledge, it is feared the child can not develop optimally. That is why; it is very recommended to parents that inviting a tutor who is competent is really help the child to get a better education. However, this competent teacher would be devastating to the quality of your child’s education.

Early childhood education at home is a non-formal education. Usually the child will not be bound by the rules as in formal schools so that children can be more relaxed. If the child is usually required to wear uniforms and arrive on time in formal school, then education which is conducted in the child’s home really makes children more freedom because they do not have to wear uniforms and not bound by time.

Why early childhood education at home?

Early Childhood Education at Home
Early Childhood Education at Home

There are several factors that make parents decide to provide early childhood education at home. Whatever the factors, the most important thing of this educational program is the successful implementation of the program optimally so that it can provide maximum results anyway.

  1. Age Factor

Age factor of the child is often become the motivation for parents to decide giving early childhood education at home. As we know that early childhood education is intended for them with 0-6 years old.  For the age of children who are still too small, parents can invite a tutor to be able to stimulate the development of children. Motor development of the child must be stimulated appropriately so that children can thrive.

2.  Physical Condition

Physical condition that does not allow children to attend formal education like in school, then there is no harm in parents to provide early childhood education at home. Illness or certain physical conditions become a factor for parents to educate children at home. This study is a fairly good alternative of the child who is not able to attend to school at all.

  1. Parents’ Busyness

Early age children are usually still require assistance from the mother or father when they need to follow a formal education in school or in group play. Unfortunately, some parents are busy with a lot of their work so can not accompany the child to go to school. If this happens to you, then there is no harm in giving early childhood education at home.

The negative side of providing early childhood education at home

Early childhood education at home actually is quite good. Unfortunately this way can also give some negative impact to the child. One of the real impacts is children can be individualistic person. The location of learning that is located at home would be served by your own child without any other child in same age. This condition can make a child cannot learn to socialize with other people. However, that is very important to support the development and foster self-confidence in children.

Education at home and should you to bring a tutor is usually also require a greater cost. That is why; the parents should really set aside a budget to meet the educational needs of children when deciding to provide early childhood education at home. In addition, the needs of media for learning usually require greater cost.

Whatever is it, providing early childhood education is a very important thing. Considering the child’s age is the golden age, then as a parent, you should strive to provide the best education for children early. Called the golden age because at an early age is the growth of children. On this growth period, the child can grow to a maximum when supported by providing proper education. Some various stimuli can be done to stimulate the growth of the child so that your child can grow up healthy and intelligent. Providing early childhood education at home or at school is certainly very important to provide the best for the child. Wherever you provide the education, you should pay attentions to several factors that have been mentioned before. Therefore, you can make decision does the early childhood education at home is needed for your child?

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