Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education
Early Childhood Education

People used to look down on early childhood education in the past and put more attention on high school and university educations (or higher). Nowadays, early childhood education programs get more attention after there are more researches and proofs that put emphasis on how important early education is for children, to help them growing into successful, reliable and overall good adults with healthy way of thinking. In fact, early childhood education program is one of the most sought out and lucrative fields in academic world, and more licensed teachers are required to handle teaching jobs at many schools.

Early childhood education nowadays put emphasis on several important factors to achieve, which will support the children in each of their educational and developmental stages. Good basic education will eventually help shaping children into potential grownups that have more chances to be successful in the future, or even contribute to their communities.

Here are some important aspects early childhood education wants to achieve

Early Childhood Education
Early Childhood Education

Creating Active Learning Environment and Habits

Gone are the moments where teachers would say everything students needed to know and the students just wrote them down on the books without questions. Now is the era of active learning, in which students must also be active in learning. When teachers deliver their lessons, they must also involve materials and teaching methods that will encourage students to be active. The students must be more active, be brave to take first initiatives (in answering questions, helping other people firs, volunteering to do something and such), and able to cooperate with other students actively in order to solve problems.

By creating active learning environment and habits, children will develop creative thinking and various point of views, which are very important when it comes to solving problems and adapting in new environments, including in new work places. Shaping creative minds is easier if it is done since the very beginning, not when people are already in their adult phases.

Early Childhood Education
Early Childhood Education

Creating Opportunities for Students to Explore

Early childhood education program must give students as many opportunities as possible to do exploration, which is very important for the development of their mind and bodies. Children who get more opportunities in exploring will eventually have healthier bodies and independent mind, and these traits will be more likely to be carried until the children grow up into teenagers and adults. By exploring, children will shape creativity, healthier physiques and open minded personalities, and they have more opportunities to grow into inventive people.

Some schools may only have little access to places such as forest, wood or any places in nature when children can explore, but creative teachers and school staff can arrange for exploratory activities for children, even when the school is located in the middle of urban jungle (for example: school trip to the local museum, zoo or behind-the-scene trips to various establishments and facilities). By doing exploratory activities, teachers can create students with exploratory and creative minds.

Creating Individuals with Good Social Skills and Mental

Early childhood education has programs to shape children into well adjusted social creatures that can adapt well into social environment once they grow up. At preschool and kindergarten, there are many activities designed to urge children to share, give, accept, ask, answer, respect, follow orders, take initiatives in doing something good, recognizing good and bad behaviors and many more. Since the popularity of Emotional Quotient as important factor that balances Intelligent Quotient grew, many institutions have put more attention in emotional and social skills in higher spots.

By teaching children about good behaviors and social skills, teachers can create good basics for these children once they grow up into members of society responsible for professional, law and social tasks. It is much easier to shape social skills and healthy mental aspect from early age.


All teachers and school members are required to have license and requirements to be able to teach children, and their materials must comply with the most recent state curriculum. By aiming for these three factors at the same time, schools can really become places to shape children into well adjusted and smart adults. High quality early childhood education must be able to encompass physical, intelligence, emotional and social aspects of every child’s development.

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