Easter Games for Kids

Easter games for kids
Easter Games for Kids

What can we do on Easter activity for kids? Easter is one of right moment to invite kids to play creative and certainly fun. Children generally prefer to play outside in spring and nothing is wrong to let them play active games with their friends.

Many Easter games for kids that you can try such as:

Egg Toss
Kids are asked to find each partner. Each pair is given one egg. Each pair stands so that approximately one foot is between the two children at the beginning of the game. After they got command, one child of each pair throws egg to the partner. For those who cannot catch and break the egg, so they must go out of the game. For pair who succeeds to catch the egg without breaking it, they still keep playing. In the next command for remaining pairs, they throw egg to the partner. So on, until one pair remains and they will be the winner.

Hula Hoop Race
First of all divide the kids into two groups. Each child of the group is asked to line up (one kid in front, the other in the back). Arrange five hula hoops in a line that is not too far from the row. Then one by one jump over the hula hoops starting from the first child in the line. After complete until five jumps, the child continue to turn back toward to the first hula hoop. After jump over the first hula hoop, the next jump is done by the next child who is line up in the group. One who can finish quickly, that group is the winner.

Count The Eggs
Count the eggs are great fun need to consider for Easter Games for Kids. We need a glass jar, a piece of paper, some brown eggs, Easter baskets and pencil. The game begins by giving each child a piece of paper and pencil. The children are asked to write their names and the number of brown eggs that they are thinking inside the jar. Those who can guess the number of eggs correctly (or closer to correct) he is the winner.

Easter Hunt
Hunt the Easter Eggs by color, each kids must find one color, for example Tammy have to collect red Easter eggs, and joe have to collect green eggs and move it into basket. Who have the most eggs are the winner.

Easter Hunt
Easter Hunt

Easter Bowling
It is an Easter games for kids that can be played by small group but also can be played by large group. This game uses boiled egg that is painted or dipped in a variety of colors. And for the brown color we can use chocolate. Give each child a different color egg. Then place plain egg boiled far away from them. And then they roll colored egg on the floor or grass leads to the plain egg. They, who succeed to stop it nearest, will get point. Keep on playing in several rounds. Those who get certain point can exchange it with prize.

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