Education Activities for Children

Musical for Kids
Musical for Kids

There are plenty of education activities for children can be done to help the child motor development. Education game is one of activities that a child can do in order to meet wishes for them who like to play as child’s world is playing.

Naturally, children have a great curiosity, and have so much energy. During this period it is very important to be able to channel their curiosity and great energy in an activity that can stimulate their intelligence and creativity.

One benefit of positive education activities for children is the gross motor development. This skill will train many large muscle movements such as arms, legs, thighs through activities of running, walking, throwing, kicking, lifting, and etc. Biking, skipping rope are few examples of education activities for children that can boost this gross motor skill.

Several education activities for children that can be a parental choice :

Musical Games

Many studies say that music has positive impact on child intelligence and memory. Parents can introduce music, through simple musical instrument such as sounds, or mini keyboard. Some say that “every person is born with capacity for music. We have the instinct and musical ability. Even babies absorb the music before they are born, and we are genetically capable in producing music. Because music really is in our genes and inside of us there is a command to make music. All we need is just a little encouragement and enthusiasm!” So never think that our child is not gifted in music.

Folding Paper

Folding Paper for Kids
Folding Paper for Kids

Education activities for children not only trains fine motor skill but also creativity for children. Using colorful paper that sold in markets. Parents can teach to create a simple toy using paper. Parents can also buy books of paper folding art or search it on the internet.

Video Games

Even though there’s still controversy from some parents, educators, and psychologists, if parents can choose a good game, it may help improve the motor coordination, such as eye- hand coordination. Not only that, some video games also teach children about math skills. There are also video games that can help the child to train his memory.


In summer holiday, there’s no harm to take children for outdoor camping. Outdoor activity such this has many positive benefits. For example, teach children to be independent, introduce them technique of simple survival, and the nature. Involve the children when setting up the tent, looking for twig branches for bonfires are some activities which are popular for children.

Visit to Museum

One of education activities for children is visiting the museum. Can be museum of history , arts, or technology. As parents you should prepare with a lot of answers when the child start asking about a lot of things. It is also in order to see the child’s interest to something. For children who are interested in a particular museum, then they can show their interest.

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