Education at Home

Education at Home
Education at Home

One of parents’ roles in child education is to start education at home. Because child education is not only the responsible of teacher at school.

Parents are the best and number one teacher for the child. As parents we should take responsible in raising the child kindly, wisely, and make them into creative children and appreciate as well as respect for others.

There is thought saying that children should have lots of time to love their parents and education. Education is not only study academically and how to behave at school but also to learn about affection and attention at home.

In education at home, as parents we should give more opportunity to the child to explore freely. Too many bans will inhibit the exploration of children. One way for a child to learn is by exploring. Exploration is not only learning process of children but also helps their creativity. Creativity is one of important thing in bringing children to success in the future.

Another way to bring kids into success is how parents work together with teachers at school. Cooperative makes teacher as partner in responsible to the child education.

Some role of parents with teachers as partnership at school

Teacher enhance what parents have taught

Family has great responsibility in nurture and help children to learn. Love is the first thing that a child learns in the early years of their life and should keep grown out. Parent is the first and best teacher of a child’s life. Parents should be a model to their child as a respectful person by adults in our lives.

You don’t need to be a teacher at school

Many parents said that they are not qualified to teach their kids. No, it is absolutely not right, you don’t need to be a professional teacher in teaching your child.

Education is not only ongoing at school but also occurs when you are being with them at home. Education at home can occur in your daily life with the kids. For example is teaching the child informally how to read, do math, or even science that has become their daily life and their surroundings.

You can also buy them books that suitable to their ages, as means in introducing your child with books, or you can buy CD/VCD to watch educational movies.

Naturally kids having great curiosity.

The speed brain development in preschooler ages is very amazing. The amazing development will make children eager and have high curiosity. Do not wonder if your child often asks the same things over and over. Do not get bored to answer every questions of child because one of the children learning process is by asking over and over. Patience is needed as parents.

Education at Home
Education at Home

Children have short spans of attention, but they can stay long when interact with fun activity. When we teach something to the child you can create it into educational games. The most important thing to help the child’s brain development is through reading, singing, and talking with them in every chance you have.

Children tend to find more interesting information when they can relate the words and language to their own experience. When read them a story, then they learn the written language indirectly, intonation, face expression and it is fun for them.

Many routines activity that we do at home can be their learning event, like activities in the kitchen. Encourage them to taste, smell and feel the food will also teach them about different kinds of food. Talking with them when they prepare the food and answer every question they ask.

Studies have shown that children with good vocabularies and fast reader will help a lot in their studies later. And all can be done education at home.

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