Education of A Child

Education of A Child
Education of A Child

When it comes to choosing for education of a child, especially at early age, many parents are faced with overwhelming options for their children. Some parents are adamant about putting their children at a daycare first, while others simply introduce their children directly to the preschool without having to put them at daycare. Some think that daycare is an important phase for every child to go through before they are ready for more formal institution, while others think that it is perfectly fine to skip the daycare phase as long as the children are engaged well at home with various activities and home educations by parents.

One thing that every parent must remember is: a child’s brain grows in amazingly fast pace on his or her first years. Therefore, choosing early education of a child is very important job every parent must make. That includes choosing the best early education place for children.

If you are in the middle of debate or dilemma chooses education of a child between whether you must choose preschool or daycare, here are some things to consider.

Preschool and Daycare Have Different Operation Hours

One of the biggest differences between these two institutions is that the daycare, as the name suggests, usually operates from morning until late afternoon, such as until 6 or 7 PM. Meanwhile, preschool usually operates from morning to as late as 3 PM. Therefore, the daycare center usually has complete range of service related to the children’s basic needs such as lunch, snack, diaper, and even nap time.

Preschool and Daycare
Preschool and Daycare

Preschool and Daycare Accepts Different Range of Ages

Speaking about education of a child, you must know that every child within certain age has different need of learning. Children age less than a year to 3 years old need different style of teaching from children age 4 and above. In this case, a daycare usually also accepts children under the age of 1, while a preschool usually only accepts children age 3 and above. Daycare usually becomes the choice for working parents, because they can pick the children up after work. However, you must also note that you probably will lose a chance to speak with your child’s teacher about his or her development in class, if the teacher already leaves at 3 PM.

Good Teachers are Important

Even a daycare required trained staff members and teachers with license and certifications in early education of a child. Therefore, the quality of the teacher should be among the first things parents scrutinize before they pick a preschool or daycare for their children. Plus, besides having adequate knowledge and skill in handling the kids, all teachers at these institutions must have good personality, able to communicate with children and happy with their jobs. Otherwise, they will show sentiment and grudge at the workplace, and that will create bad environment for children.

What Are the Curriculum?

Finally, whatever decision you make for early education, all preschools and daycares must have integrated curriculum. That means, all classes must be able to encompass lessons about math, language skill, art, phonetics, motor skill and social skill. Plus, the children must get opportunities to play freely as well as in structured play conducted by the teachers, designed for education of a child.

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