Educational and Child Psychology

Educational and Child Psychology
Educational and Child Psychology

Equip themselves with educational and child psychology for those who teach children early childhood level is an obligation. However, for teachers who teach higher level is also advisable to have these provisions. You should know that a teacher is not only to deliver course material to their students, but teachers also need to be able to understand each child psychology. There are many benefits of equip themselves with education and child psychology, both for teachers and students.

Why Teachers Should Have Sufficient Knowledge About Educational and Child Psychology?

Maybe some of you have the same question with the question. One of the goals the teachers have these provisions is to help teachers understand the character of child so that the teacher can give right attitude to the children. Besides that, the right attitude from the teacher to the student will give a sense of comfort when students are following the lesson. This will provide a very positive impact because it could make it easier for children to understand about the material presented.

Assessing boys and girls must also not an easy thing unless the teacher has to equip themselves with educational and child psychology. Boys who are silent and girls who are silent may have different notes. This silent girl may save a million words in his mind but the boys are silent may mean he may not have something to do. However, boys usually are more likely to open while women seem more than happy to keep his.

The Importance of Educational and Child Psychology, Both for Teacher and Parents

Educational and Child Psychology
Educational and Child Psychology


Not only teachers, but also parents specially mom need this educational and child psychologyThe real education is not only needed by the teachers, but it also needed by the parents. Therefore, children can have this life better guidance early on or since birth. However parents more involve in shaping the character of the child. So that the quality of child is really determined by how parents educate children themselves. Even mother can determine a smart kid since the baby since in womb. There are some aspects that have to be paid by mother such as bio-medical needs, stimulus and affection. However, talking about intelligence would be largely determined by the quality of the baby brain. That is why, for mothers who want their children be smart, then it must provide adequate nutrition during pregnancy.

There are many ways that mothers can do to give the stimulus for the baby in womb. Some stimulus means are giving classical music, make communication, or may be provide a touch of love. Giving some positive stimulus is really suggested when you want a smart kid. Based on educational and child psychology, it is necessary to emphasize that the intelligence of the child was not formed solely while in school but will be very determined when still in the womb.

Another Factor That Determines The Intelligence of Children

In educational and child psychology, there are some factors that influence the intelligence of children. In addition to providing stimulus while still in the womb, nutrition also has a very big role to provide nutrients to the brain. Brain nutrients are met will help increasing the brightness of the child’s bright. Either for teachers or parents still has to help children get good brain nutrients that will help the child’s brain development to its full potential. Therefore, educational and child psychology is important both for teacher or parent when they want to give the best education for the child of student.

In educational and child psychology, nutrients that are essential for the brain include DHA and ARA. If the child is a shortage of these nutrients it can cause some health problems and it must be able to disrupt the child’s intelligence. However malnutrition in children will greatly affect intelligence in children. Malnutrition was a factor which is inhibiting the development of the child’s body and also children’s intelligence.

The Importance of Early Recognition of Psychology Through Educational and Child Psychology

For you as teachers or parents, you should try to recognize the psychology of children from an early age. This case will be very important therefore the child will be better prepared to face the problems of their lives. As parents in particular, they should be closer to children and provide good guidance so that the child can tell which are good and which are bad. By learning about educational and child psychology, then all this is not a difficult thing.

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