Elementary Education

Elementary Education
Elementary Education

Elementary education is one of the most important primary educations. Without primary education students can not understand and use the knowledge that will be obtained and learnt. Thus primary education is the main education for student future.

One of reason why elementary education is important because teaches writing, reading and math. Quoted article that is written by Otto Lilienthal about Wright brothers said ”reading ability opened their mind to be the first flight and their elementary school teachers have contributed in the future of aeronautics”. The basic skill which is obtained from elementary school, today invention and progress of all fields of knowledge can be achieved in the future.

Elementary school teachers play important role and help students a lot with learning process of basic knowledge. The basic knowledge that students got can help them to broaden their insight.

In elementary education students should sharpen a lot, learn all skills and basic knowledge that can help their future life.

All of it is important so when facing the next level of education, students are so ready and confident.

How the elementary education form the child’s life? When a child enters the elementary school, the child is entering important change in his life. Slowly they start to release their independence from parents. A child should learn to be independent. During elementary school they have other people in their life. Class teacher is another important people in their elementary school life. Teachers have certain responsible to the children’s future. Teacher and student interaction can influence the ability and love in learning and knowledge.

Teacher is motivator in many learning aspect of a child. Teacher should give a lot supports to students and help students by reminding them when they commit mistakes or wrong. It is important for students because elementary school is not only learning about skills and basic knowledge but also learn to handle with mental attitude, manners, and moral. Students also being taught not to despair easily learn unyielding spirit and learn to think creatively. Learn to appreciate one another, work together in a team as well as interact with friends and many people. It is also the basic things that become essential preparation in their life later in society.

For parents also need to understand the heavy duty which is taken by an elementary school teacher. Never think that a duty of elementary school teacher is an easy job and sometimes not really appreciated by others. Big responsibility of a teacher sometimes makes teacher’s life a bit stressful because dealing with children of different backgrounds. Challenge of a teacher as well as challenges of students. Teachers should keep on spirit facing challenges for helping future of students. Give encouragement and motivation when there is a student who has lost motivation without complaining and despair. Elementary education is a challenging education.

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