Elementary School Art Projects

Elementary school art projects
Elementary School Art Projects

Are you confused to find elementary school art projects that are suitable for student? What kind of art project that is right to improve the class learning and useful for children? Basically children love doing art and craft.
Arts teach the kids how to be creative. Creative is children’s freedom to express idea into an art work. Teachers only give basic guide and students are asked to create, imagine for making an original artwork. But for basic level, students’ creativity is still unexplored in maximum so that the originality of their works is still not maximal yet.

Here is some guides of elementary school art projects in class

– A Simple Art Project

This project is suitable for very young students. For example they are asked to make animal pattern or plants pattern using paper or carton. The finished pattern then pasted on bigger paper. For instance make fish. Use simple shapes such as circle, triangle or square. Fish body uses the big circle, while the small circle for the eyes. For tail uses triangle pieces. To make it more attractive, students are asked to color, such as make scale, give pupil for the eyes, and etc.

– Working With Clay
These Elementary school art projects teach the kids how to make things use clay as the main material. Kids are usually happy with activity that is fully done with mud and clay such this. Kids can make bowl, plate or other container. This art project can also use another material beside clay that is flour mix with salt and food color.

– Making African Mask
Materials being used can be from paper bag or paper plate. It can also use plate. Use ice cream stick that is pasted to the bottom of mask for handle. Based on the African art book, color the mask by using watercolor paint. Add also feathers, beads and thread. Do not forget to make eyes hole on the mask.

Elementary school Making African mask
Elementary School Making African Mask

– Origami
Art is for all ages. Folding paper art can be made from simple to complex. Materials needed are paper, scissor, and glue. It needs patience to make a specific form of art, especially the complicated art form. For young children can make simple shapes such as animal, flower, number, transportation, etc.

Elementary Origami
Elementary Origami

– Dress Up
This Elementary school art project use attractive clothes for children that they bring from the house. It can be cap, dress, a pair of socks, coat, jacket, etc. They are asked to decorate their clothes that they bring to make it looks more interesting. Discuss first to the children what is going to be the theme from those clothes. Every child can use different themes.

Elementary Dress Up
Elementary Dress Up

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