Elementary School Desk

Elementary school desk
Elementary School Desk

One important thing in creating positive atmosphere for learning at school is school desk. And so is in primary school. Elementary School Desks have a big role for students that study indoor. A bright and cheerful room will motivate kids’ learning experience and bring a positive atmosphere for them.

One of best ways to ensure that student is in the safe environment, comfortable and conducive for learning is to ensure that school provides the best facilities. A study shows that about 78% of students whose age 13-18 years old spend their time to sit. So choosing the best school chairs is important for students’ comfort in the classroom.

The first model of School desks is made in 1880 by John D. Loughlin in Sidney, Ohio. These School desks are known as “The Fashion Desk” and become famous in all of the country. The Fashion Desk is a table that fuses one to another and quite big enough for 2 to 3 children. In the middle there is a hole for the ink place.

Some important things to consider in selecting Elementary School Desk

Elementary school desk
Elementary School Desk


  • Convenience. Convenience is important to keep the posture of elementary school students in right position. This is to avoid sickness that related with bad body position. But not to let the convenience make them so easy to fall asleep.
  • Design. The right design and color with other furniture will make the room more harmonious. School furniture that is harmonious with one and another will make classroom environment become good and comfortable that will affect children’s psychological. Positive psychological creates conducive atmosphere for learning.
  • Durability. For early is expensive but for long-term, the maintenance cost of Elementary school desks will be cheaper. Furniture that has good durability will reduce the replacement cost that is greater than the maintenance cos
  • Safety. It is important to ensure that the chairs are qualified and not endanger student. The materials used are more resistant to fire, resistance to wear and safe for every day use by students. The school desk which contains small parts become endanger after a long time use will cause some parts are loose or the screw which is baggy.
  • Bulk Buying in. Buying Elementary school desks for bulk buying is cheaper than in small amount. Usually for bulk buying will get a discount that will reduce the cost. Not only that bulk buying also minimizes the time and complexity when you have to order new furniture.

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