Elementary School Math Games

Elementary school math games
Elementary School Math Games

Math lesson usually is less popular among students in the school. Most of them consider that math is difficult lesson, so it makes students less interested on it from Elementary school until Senior high school. Although the basic math lesson already starts to be learnt in preschool, more intensive basic math is taught in Elementary school. Elementary school math game is another way to make learning math become more fun and interesting.

There are lots of math games. The level of difficulty is adjusted with student’s education level. But in general, math game is usually addressed for children of preschool until Elementary school. Because on this level, children still have short attention span and also their character who likes playing.

Elementary school games can help children to learn about things that they need to master math. Math games can improve kids’ achievement that’s smart already at math and help those who are not really good yet at math.

Children want to spend their time mostly with parents. Because of playing is a social process.  Kids are learning while playing is an enjoyable thing and they can interact with others people too.

Things that need to concern when parents want to teach math through games for kids are:

1. First thing must be taught to the kids before teaching math is formal logic. Teach formal things become a simple logic that is easily understood by kids. Addition number in math operation is abstract for kids, so that with the in daily life logic is easy to understand. For instance 2 +3 =…, then when we analogies with mommy giving two bananas, then father giving  three bananas, so how many bananas all.

2. In elementary school math games, the material that is taught is according to class level. The right material for right level, make students easier to understand math in stages. For example, students of 1st grade are taught basic math. For next level they are taught basic arithmetic level. After they mastered, they are taught two-digit multiplication and so on.

3. When kids have difficulties in understanding concepts of math, can find the analogy in daily life. For example is teaching kids about fraction, we can use a cake that is cut into pieces.

4. Math skill requires a lot of memory skills. Give exercises to the kids so that their memory capacity is increased. For example, gives exercise so that they can remember their birthday date, remembering certain great days, or remembering other important events. Good memory ability will help them to remember lot of formulas, rules and other methods in math.

Learning Elementary school math games for children should be fun. Make sure that kids are not feeling burdened and stressed when they learn math.

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