Elementary School Playground Equipment

Elementary school playground equipment
Elementary School Playground Equipment

Elementary school playground equipment that is exists in school need to put concern on its existence. There is supposed to be a periodic restoration, or periodic replacement for equipment that cannot be repaired anymore. It is important to keep the Elementary school playground always exist and function well for the kids.

One of reasons why the playground equipment needs to be repaired or replaced is for safety. Because it’s important not to let the kids have problems when playing. The effect that appears from bad equipment is not only uncomfortable to be used but also it will endanger the child, so that accident can happen and cause injury to the child.

Project of children Playground restoration, the fund can come from grant, donation or fundraising. Whatever is the source of fund, the existence of children’s playground certainly needs costs for maintenance and repair.

The Reason of Improvement Project

The main reason of Elementary School playground improvement is for safety standard. It is important that former playground that is already old can be repaired become a better modern standard. Or the parts that has been outworn, broken, cracked, etc. need to be changed in order to increase its comfort and security. There are some of schools that the improvement project is making playground which is not available yet. Usually simple playground is made, so that the school have playground.

Project Cost

Improvement project and playground restoration vary depend on location and number of equipment’s that is repaired or being added. More playground equipment that needs to upgrade and repaired more cost will be needed. The cost that is needed range from $ 30,000, – up to $ 100,000, –

Elementary school playground equipment
Elementary school playground equipment

Source of Fund

Fund of Elementary School playground restoration come from various resources. Sometimes the school also budgeted for school facilities restoration includes with the playground. For schools with limited budgets usually fund raise from parents or other parties that are concerned. Fundraising also can be done in the breakfast program, dinner, car washing or during food / cake selling event. Another way of fundraising is with grant fund such as Nike donation or Peaceful Playgrounds, to get additional funding.

Choice of Volunteers

For parents of student or the local business people can offer to volunteer themselves in helping this project. The Volunteers can help fundraising for restoration of elementary school playground equipment. For example, make fundraising event in their business unit. The volunteers that are ingenious in park construction can help directly in construction work, so that it can reduce the labors cost. For volunteers who are ingenious in outdoor design can help to adorn around the playground.

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