Elementary School Teacher Requirements

Elementary school teacher requirements
Elementary School Teacher Requirements

Kindergarten and elementary school teachers play important role in children’s growth and development. Here they might find a lot of new things in their life and learn about many things in which has big influence to the achievement, their daily lifestyle and the future. If you feel you can be someone who love children, love teaching and educating them, so it is the right place for a career.

Elementary school teacher requirements which is important is that you love the kids. It is important so that your work is going to be fun. More over, you must love your profession as a teacher.

Several elementary school teacher requirements should you have is as follows:

–  Love Children and Teaching

It is a must requirement before you decide for a career as an elementary schools teacher.  Loving the kids will make your work is fun. Any problems that occurred during working are not being obstacles anymore, but it will be challenges. Profession as a teacher will be memorable for the kids and they will carry on their memories till they grow up.

–  A bachelor’s Degree

The next elementary school teacher requirement is having a bachelor’s degree. In some states it is a must to have a master’s degree. For those who have a bachelor’s degree of non education, have to take special program that should be mastered such as teaching method, teaching philosophy, children psychology, basic computer skill. Or you have to take a master of education.

–  Working Experience With Children

Working experience with children
Working Experience With Children

Some schools require you to have working experience with children. Therefore you can internships to be assistant teacher. Internships such this is paid. During internships, make sure the schedule does not clash with your activity, for instance clash with the class schedule. Working experience with the children or teaching children will help you a lot when you already work your profession as a teacher. Even it is really helpful when you take teaching license because teaching experience requirement is needed.

–   License / Certification

Most of states require elementary school teacher who has got teaching certification. But for teachers who teach in private school, it is not a must to have this certification. The certification is issued by the State Board of Education that has passed all the requirements needed such as bachelor’s degree of education, and has completed a series of based competence tests such as reading, writing and basic skill of teaching. Even though the requirements in some states is slightly different, but all states require they who take certification must have bachelor’s degree, fulfill the requirements by already taken special programs (teaching method, teaching philosophy, children psychology, and etc.) and having experience in teaching students.

Beside elementary school teacher requirements above, in order to be an effective teacher need to do approach. Several approaches are used to be an effective teacher:

  • Competency. A good teacher should masterly her students. Teacher is the center of student learning and the subject of learning process.
  • Authority. Teacher becomes class control center, and firm in using her authority to establish discipline and maintain classroom order
  • Energetic. Being responsive and enthusiastic teacher in facing students in the class. Therefore it needs a dynamic personal to grow enthusiasm in learning.
  • Clarity. A teacher should be able to communicate well in explaining the lessons and her ideas in the classroom. A teacher is charged to have good communication skill.
  • Good Preparation. Good preparation will reduce the workload in the classroom. It will also help the effective learning process.
  • Open Minded. Willing to learn new things from others and willing for criticism.
  • Currency. The lessons being taught has no much changes from year to year, so the lesson material needs to refresh.
  • Respect in answering question. Sometimes the students get more answers for the question they have prepared.
  • Using emphasis. Teachers should be diligent in checking the students’ ability, so it sometimes needs reviews in certain parts of the subject material which is considered difficult
  • Involved. Teacher sometimes needs to involve individually to certain students. It does not mean you have to be close and becoming a friend, but at least shows your care when they succeed or fail.
  • Receptive. Teachers should be active to find out the assessment of herself by other people or other teachers. It is important for improvement towards a better.
  • Provide feedback. Giving opportunity to students so that teacher will get opinion from students. It will help teacher to know what is her strengths and weaknesses.

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