Fitness Games for Kids

Fitness games for kids
Fitness Games for Kids

Obesity (fatness) is a problem for youngsters nowadays. Basically, these youngsters are lazy to do exercise. They prefer to stay in front of TV and play computer, thus the physic exercise is rarely done.

The solution as parents, we need to help kids to do fun physical activities. The key is how the kids can enjoy doing physical activities in fun games as much as possible. As we know that kids love games, when there is physical movement in the game , without they realize they have done physical activities harder, and fitness games for kids can be the solution.

Here are some fitness games for kids that can be done at home.

Game 1. Exercise Candy Land. May be some are familiar with this game. It is one of the board games which is fun for kids so far. The game is using different square color paper and a deck of cards with one or two similar color with the square. The object is to draw the card from the pile and move the colored squares on the game board. The player who complete the game first , is the winner. The exercise itself is part of games when a child picks a blue card then he or she will move to the next blue space on board but will have to do the designated ”blue” exercise which would be hoping like a frog ( you wrote what exercise on a piece of paper) It is a fun way to do exercise while playing a fun child’s game at one time)

Game 2. Timer Games. Timer games can be anything. It only needs creativity. What we need is to count backwards and enough stamina. There is an old game that we used to do when we were still a child, hot potato. The point in this game is to do certain activity as much as you can, for example  jumping, or as fast as you could when holding something( for instance , something that feels hot) like hot potato or hot durians ) before the time is up.

Fitness for kids
Fitness for kids

Game 3, Jump Closest  to The Line. It is a simple game that can help to build spatial awareness and sense of caring. How to play the game is first of all draw a line on the ground and kids will move three steps backward behind the line.Kids then step closer to the line without touching it. Kids can do this by jumping over the line and try to put the heel closest to the line. Do this in half round till over the line without the toes touching the line.

Do this game  at home in a fun and easy way for kids. Kids will need direction from adult where parents can role to play along with the kids. Good luck in trying  fitness games for kids.

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