Formal Education

Formal education is an important part of one’s life, which lasts 13 to 18 years in one’s life. And will increase more whose career as an academic.

Child Formal Education
Child Formal Education

The education is usually includes the elementary, secondary and high school education. Some people continue the master degree up to doctoral. And education nowadays become expensive, so that many banks and other financial institutions offer student loans for those who can not afford to pay for higher education.

Formal education is an important aspect of one’s life. So that makes people dare to borrow loan to the bank or other financial institutions, eventhough with high interest rates. According to data in the United States, the loan debt for students who continue study to college reach one trillion dollars. A fantastic figure.

Formal Education
Formal Education

Actually what make people willing to borrow loan to the bank or other financial institution with high interest rates just for higher education? The fact is career. A promising career after graduated from university is the biggest motivation. Some people have big dreams to have a job profile to salary they want.

Although some said that higher education not guarantee people will be successful. Because many successful people that never undergo high education or complete it in fact, but the numbers of people such this is not much. Higher education is very important for one’s success  generally. Because many jobs that offer high salary require a high standard of qualification, such as graduated from college.

Interesting a quote of Jim Rohn, “Formal education will make you a living. Self-education will make you a fortune”

How the quotation apply to us? One thing for sure that learning process throughout life never ends. If some said that after we complete formal education then learning process stop so it’s wrong. Learning is part of one’ life that continuously occurs.

Our time is limited for formal school but unlimited time to keep on learning. Education is formally limited to doctoral but the learning process is still ongoing till one’s pass away.

So formal education is very important to support one’s life and learning process after completed the formal education is also important. Many things in life will not be experienced at formal education, but much found in life experience. Precious experiences in life that we get outside the school can bring us into a better person.

Not only being a better person, but also bring us to success and fortune. Start from now never stops in learning more and more. So that self education after formal education is important in one’s life.

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