Free Online Math Games for Kids

Free online math games for kids
Free Online Math Games for Kids

Most of kids do not like math. Commonly the children are bored to learn math which is overlong. Math as if becomes a frightening lesson.

One way that can make kids interest to learn math, is by playing the math game. All kids certainly like game. Because of playing is their world. And one way to teach mathematics is through free online math games for kids.

A child naturally has a high motivation to learn new things. But learning for a child is not similar with adult. Fun interactive games will make kids stay for hours in front of computer without they realize that they have learnt.

There are plenty of online math games, but not necessarily that the game is suitable for your kid. Choose the suitable games to your child’s age because it will help a child to learn math skill in a fun way.

In math learning concept for adult, according to children it is something abstract. For example 3 +2 = 5, for adults we can imagine that three add with two equal five. For children this way is abstract. But when we change it into: Mom gave sister three bananas, then Dad also gave two bananas to sister. So, how many bananas all that sister has. This way is more real and easier to imagine by the kids.

Here are some free online math games for kids’ age of 6-10 years old:

  • Cool Math; math game such this also teaches kids about business skill that they often meet in real life. Cool Math has a series of games that teach various subjects related to math, including strategy, memory, and logic. This game teaches that math skill is really needed on its application in real life.
  • Sheppard Software for Math; this math game for kids teaches kid about math skill, both for school level and next level. Kids can practice their math skill by playing math games about lessons that they have learned at school.
  • Math Man; this free online math games for kids teaches children the basic math skills such as addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. It’s an optional game that can be played by kid to learn math in a fun way. Kid’s mastery of basic math skill will be easily on mastery math skill that is more complex.

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