French Games for Kids

French games for kids
French Games for Kids

If you want your kid master in some foreign languages, it will be a mistaken if you choose France. Why is it? There are so many opinions about what is the best method on teaching the kids foreign language,

Here is a little discussion about simple activity or simple game that we can do with children to introduce them about French.

Do french games for kids as exciting thing

  • Watching Movie and TV

Together with kids we can watch TV program in French. Also try to find CD of cartoon movie with their favorite character in French because as parents we know that kids are so easy to imitate or repeat things that they see or hear on TV or their favorite cartoon movie.

  • Game

An option that children really like , as we know that most children love game, both computer game or game console. Choose an interactive computer game in French. Even there is many language software with cheap price you can get in nearest store in your town. French games for kids usually will give pleasure for kids and they could stay for hours.

  • Learn The Language

Even though we are parents but learning language already becomes lifestyle or at least it can be a long term hobby. So nothing is wrong if we also learn French language (if you are not fluent with it). It will help your kids to improve their succeed in mastering French language.

  • Reading Books

Speaking may be only give small effect to vocabulary mastering in French so buying their favorite reading books in French could be an option. Of course choose the right book as their reading ability.

  • Chat Room

For those who often online on internet , possible for them to get new friends with french students in all over the  world. They can chat with french language and get new experience on how to read and write in French.

  • Join the French Class

Joining or enrolling the kids to French class will help children to get structural and routines learning activities. Enrolling them to structural class is one of the best ways to eliminate parents’ responsibility and make the kids more responsible to the teacher.

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