Fun Games for Kids to Play

Fun games for kids to play
Fun Games for Kids to Play

The growth of child’s brain develop rapidly in the early ages of his growing till two years old. Their brain grows so fast till 75 % and 90 % till five years old compare to the weight of adult’s brain. This is called as golden age. During this golden age the cognitive skill will grow so fast therefore needs to be stimulated and given  challenge for his intellectual development.

Naturally kids experience their self motivation through the high curiosity in exploring most of  things in their life. So as parent we need to facilitate them for instance , toys, chance and experience that will keep them asking.

Fun games for kids to play  is expected  to enhance better self expression for kids during playing.

Here are some kinds of fun games for kids to play:

  • Fun Games for kids to expand their vocabulary

One of the rapid development in the early ages of a child is language. Kids can absorb the language they learn very fast . You can use puppets, toy telephone or walkie talkie to encourage kids in telling story about their experience. We can also tell story with fingers that has eyes, nose and mouth. For example thumb” on Monday I learn to draw, because drawing is my hobby. I am called thumb because i like to plunge into the paint and draw on paper. What is your hobby? ”This will trigger kids to tell  story. This game is very communicative, creative and fun too.

  • Fun games for kids to develop their musical intelligence

Kids’ first musical experience is when parents sing a lullaby for the baby before bed time. Music is so important in the early growth of a child to help his bond socially, emotionally and cognitively with people. Moving and dancing following to the rhythm help them to control their fine motor skill and develop the hand and eye coordination. You can create Fun Games for kids to play by making funny movement. Jumping like a frog, kick while jumping, moving like a choo choo train or wiggle like a worm.

  • Fun games for kids to develop their literacy.

Play story song with has fun rhythms and this will enrich their short vocabularies from simple text. Nursery rhyme is an example of story song that is often recited from generation to generation. Nursery rhymes have rhythms and musical language that is blend into an enchanted pattern for kids in developing their language skill. Some examples of the story songs are:  “I’m a Little Teapot”, “Itsy Bitsy Spider”,  “Five Little Ducks” and so on.

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