Fun Halloween Games for Kids

Fun Halloween games for kids
Fun Halloween Games for Kids

Halloween is a scary thing for little kids. And usually for children, Halloween is identical with their favorite clothes for example being superhero or eating candy. For kids this month end activity can also be a fun day

Here are some fun Halloween games for kids that can be played on Halloween celebration

Halloween Word Hunt

This game also teaches kids to read which kids sometimes do not realize that they are learning to read. It is one of activities after school favorite. This game uses flash card size 3X5 cm that is made by own. Write the words that relate to Halloween and suitable with their ages. And ask kids to color those cards with Halloween colors by using crayon or marker. After coloring is done, cards are ready to play. At least for this game needs around 12-15 cards.

  • Place the flash cards on the floor and ask the child to step back for a few steps towards you, where you are sitting.
  • Say the word stated on flash card, and ask that child to pick up that flash card for then give to you back. Give time about 5 seconds.
  • With time is determined, ask that child to keep on playing until all cards are over. And one who succeeds will get prize.

This game should be adjusted with kid’s ability. For kids who can complete in 3 seconds, you can forward time into 3 seconds, and so is on the contrary. For child who cannot make it in 5 seconds, time can be added to 7 seconds or more. This is one of fun Halloween games for kids to invite kids having fun while learning.

Fun Halloween games for kids
Fun Halloween Games for Kids

Create Your Own Book

This game is ideally played together with other family members, but still only one child who does the most. So other family members only help. We know that children are natural storyteller, so by letting children to make own books will help art and language skill of children.

  • Prepare 4-5 sheets of paper regular sized, fold into two and then staple. By another way, you can hole and give string.  You can use either plain or color paper. Also make additional book as the example of the original story.
  • Ask question to the child, what character / figure that they like. Give some clues such as: bat, cat, ghost, etc.
  • Let children to sit under, ask them about who is the main character? And ask them to create story of that main character.
  • Help children to make a short story about the character that they have chosen. Do not forget to help in choosing the right words that they will write on story of the example book.
  • Let children work themselves in writing the story with the help of guide book. Ask children to create own pictures from story that is made.

The reason why we help children in choosing the word is to enrich their vocabularies. Because their vocabularies, especially those who still in kindergarten is very limited. Also practice them to choose the right words for the story.

Do not forget there are many free activities and events that you can get in many places during the holiday. Some places such as the chamber of commerce, local Churches, library, and park as well as recreation department.

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