Game Websites for Kids

Game websites for kids
Game Websites for Kids

There is plenty of game website is available on the internet, so as parent we should be smart in selecting the right game for kid, whether it is suitable for his or her ages or support the kid’s development.

Game websites for kids is a computer game that is played online and offline. By online, usually games require some additional applications such as java or flash while by offline, the game should be downloaded first before it’s installed in computer.

Good game websites for kids is a game that teaches children’s basic skill as well as the motor coordination, learn the alphabet, learn to spell, learn to read, learn math, learn language and so on. So, it is not play a game.

Naturally, kids have high adaptability and fun phonetic learning as well. The kids generally are lazy to study mathematics table or to learn difficult things. Kids feel comfortable to sit in a long time in front of the computer to play game. Therefor when they play games learning, unconsciously they are learning.

The online world is not only for adult, but also for kids and teenagers. For kids, online world is also used to release boredom from studying activity. However, needs parental supervision when kids are online on internet. Parents must accompany when selecting online game. Avoid kids from violence games that will affect their psychology. Choose game that is specially designed for kids. Game such this is not only offering fun, and entertainment, but also education. Some example of game websites for kids such as, offer game with educational content to keep kids always feel happy and entertain.

Some examples of game websites that offer learning through informative interactive game are Funbrain, Disney’s Club Penguin, Disney’s Pixie Hollow and PBS kids.

Funbrain: is a friendly interactive game for kid that combines education and entertainment. The example of games are Math Baseball and Grammar Gorillas. This site also offers additional content such as comic and web book.

Disney Club Penguin: This is a commercial site that offers fun learning and entertainment. This site allows kids to add friend on their friend list and can get point as well as money to buy variety things in virtual house or virtual clothes. This site requires registration of parent using e-mail address to get access with a special code.

Disney’s Pixie Hollow : is a game websites for kids specially appointed for girl 6-12 years old. This game provides kids avatar online in form of fairy that live together with other fairies in a tale land.

PBS Kids : provides favorite character such as Clifford the Big Red Dog, Curious George and Barney. This site also provides edutainment games such as Rhyme ‘n Roll, Zoomazing, Synonym Sam’s Lab and the Pig’s Riddle.

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