Games for Kids to Play Online

Games for kids to play online
Games for Kids to Play Online

There is plenty of online game on the internet which is free or paid. So plenty of games for kids to play online that they can get easily. Kids love to play online game and this activity is very enjoyable for kids and being part of their life. Kids are identical to playing therefore sometimes as parents we should not prohibit them to play online game as long such as eating, drinking, bathing or resting time.

Games for kids to play online also can be means for kids to get rid the boredom because of the overfull school activity. It can be weekend alternative, if there is no schedule for outdoor recreation. Let children enjoy the game and when the game needs parents’ help, do not be hesitate to play game with the kids. Keep children from the secure online game is our responsibility as parents.

Things need to concern when children play games for kids to play online :

Risk of Online Game

As parents we should know the risk when a child play online game. Games for kids to play online is not without risk, but it is how to avoid or reduce the negative risk that will happen to the child.  Or the risk can be happened to the computer itself. Children still do not understand  the different of secure site with the insecure one. Do not let children download file by themselves without any permission from their  parents, because it is possible that the file being download turn out to hit by adware, spam, virus or other software that can harm the computer.

If the child would like to play multi player game, should know the possibility of intruder who can take advantage of the beginner status in the child’s game. Make sure that the child for not visiting the sites which has no parents’ permission. Another way to avoid the adware, spam, virus or other software that can harm the computer is by playing online game which can be played directly without need to be download. But also make sure your computer provided with add on that game needs such as java, flash player , etc.

Practice of Secure Online Game

Teach the kids to practice with secure online game. For instance by not giving personal information through online. Never use password that can easily guessed example, name and address. Use the nickname at online game. Never click so often view that show can be click in. Because it can turn out to be adware, virus, or software that is not supposed to be download. It is done to protect the children’s privacy. Give them understanding to every action that is prohibited or  allowed because kids often asking why this and why should not.

One important thing need to concern is that for not being addicted to online game make them forget with their duty and responsibility , for example do the school assignment, house work or might be forget to do the daily life activities such as eating , bathing or resting time.

Select The Game Together

Taking decision together with the kids in selecting games for kids to play online also important to make kids feel not being too controlled by parents. You give them choices from games for kids to play online that deserve for them playing. More over if we not yet know what the child’s interests and talent is, the games they play can help us to see their talents, interests and potential. Never get bored in learning to see their talents, interests and potential from the games they like.

Try to complete the game first before giving opportunity to try the new game. Except if the games is not interesting for the children, so they won’t complete it.

Protection of The Computer

Another way to protect your computer is to make sure that the computer is being installed anti virus. Make sure the anti virus installed is up to date to make sure the ability of the anti virus. Some anti virus of computer also provide their own firewall, so that your computer is more secure and avoid you in feeling unsecured. You can also manage the playing time of your children in the computer. Set up the domain that can be accessed by your kids also possible. This will prevent the unwanted things, make sure the important data in the computer has been backed up to another storage media, so if something bad happens to your computer , the data is safe.

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