Games for Kindergarten Kids

Games for kindergarten kids
Games for Kindergarten Kids

There are so many toys or games that we can play with our little kids. As parents, some times it is not easy to decide which toys or games might suitable for the kids, because there are various toys we can see or find in the toyshop. However, not all toys are suitable for kids or even liked by them, it depends on the needs of age, sex, and interest or talent. Especially, when the kids are going for kindergarten level they will need games which suitable for them.

In choosing the suitable toys or games for kindergarten kids should consider a few things, such as the games are able to train their motor skill and creativity. Let them free to express their own  creativity. Creativity needs practice to grow and it can be developed  step by step.

Some attributes that help to  preserve and develop creativity in  games for kindergarten kids are :

  1. Create imagination that make the kids believe and trust.
  2. Show the kids how to think flexible and learn to solve problems
  3. Teach the kids to make options and make up their mind.
  4. Train the kids to sharpen the observation skill.
  5. Let the kids express their creativity in doing art works, in music or other talents.
  6. Ask the kids to make simple drawing or symbols that they often meet in daily life.
  7. Make the kids involve in intellectual and art activities.
  8. Encourage the kids’ curiosity.

Make them laugh and enjoy in playing the game because laughing is the best way to give positive effects for children. The positive effects are:

  • Developing good social skill to be ‘ice breaker’ in their surroundings.
  • Helping the kids to improve their pre-reading  skill, especially for those who interest in reading poem
  • It can also help their creativity, for example make them in creating imagination, thinking out of the box, and exposing their way of thinking from another perspective.
  • Stimulate the cognitive, intelligent, logic, and language developing as well as their memory retention. Laughing can also improve the learning and retention ability because it helps to stimulate both of brain sides (right and left brains).

Some examples of games for kindergarten kids are playing animal game with roar sound. The roar sound will make the kids feel as if something is chasing after them and will catch them afterwards. It will create an amusing atmosphere for the kids. Imitate their favorite cartoon character also good for making them laugh.

Knock Knock

This funny game teaches kids about script. The game needs more than one child to play it, where kids are taught about  rhythm and sequencing skills. A child with his partner will play pretend as if they were thinking about something, and when kids are being asked to say Knock-Knock, the other kids will pretend to put on his ear to the invisible door

  • Knock-knock
  • Who is there?
  • Kate
  • Kate who?
  • Kate, the bent dog that catch the bent cat.
  • Knock-Knock
  • Who’s there?
  • James
  • James who?
  • James, the knight riding a white horse

Reading to My Baby Toy / Doll

Games for kindergarten kids such this encourage pre-reading child and practice his language skill. This game is teaching about their first year at school from pre-reading become well reading. How to play is by letting them pretend to read, just like to read their baby toy. Give them a big colorful printed book and read it to them which is finally will encourage them to read books about their favorite toys along with the song to raise their mood.

What Will Daddy Buy?

This game helps awaken kids’ creativity and imagination. Sing this nursery Rhyme and ask the children to think that their Daddy will buy something for the baby.

  • Hush, little baby, don’t say a word;
  • Daddy’s going to buy you a mocking bird.
  • If the mocking bird won’t sing,
  • Daddy’s going to buy you a diamond ring.

Furthermore, children are asked to sing the same song and replace “diamond ring” into something else, after they listened this nursery Rhyme.

Let the kids enjoy these games for kindergarten kids, because it is really fun. This game certainly gives them basic development in language skill in the early years of their development.

Finally, let them enjoy the game. Hopefully games for kindergarten kids can assist you more.

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